osteosarcoma Please leave advice

heyy guys im new to this website and im and newly diagnosed with osteosarcoma a type of bone cancer i was wonderin if you could tell me anything you think i should know about chemo please im scared and need info

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  • Robin

    Sarah I am so sorry you have been diagnosed with this stupid disease. There is a wonderful site call http://www.acor.org with many people who can help guide you thorough the ropes. There are also Doctors that guide us. My son James was diagnosed 3 days before his 18th birthday and he is now 21 and doing well. Big Hugs, Robin aka James Mom

  • Brittany

    you are going to feel alot sicker than you are its completly normal to be scared and yeah say goodbye to your hair

  • Alexandra

    you MIGHT not lose your hair, but don’t get your hopes up. And you’ll have ridiculous weight and temperature fluctuations depending again on your chemo and I have a lot of aches and pains, so you probably are too. And you will probably have really bad mood swings and stuff tastes horrible and it makes you really tired. but hey. You’ll get by :D <3

  • Eliud Thorn

    Got here from a google search. I am sorry for what you are going through. The chemo is rough, but one thing that helped my daughter (also diagnosed with osteosarcoma) was an anti-nausea drug called Emend. Her first few rounds of chemo were very bad, but after using Emend she found things easier.

    Hope this helps.

  • http://nowebsite anne

    My son had just turned 15 and it was June 8th 2009–we found he had osteosarcoma. We just finished the 10 month chemo this past April. It was rough. He got through it. At the very end I think his body was too run down from all the chemo and he got infection in his leg and lungs–but DONT stop chemo–take breaks if the doctor says you have to but dont quit the chemo–finish all the chemo. Now he is recovering and trying to walk again. You are welcome to visit me on my facebook page—anne drummond-al-melih

  • hannahshambley

    Hey Sarah, my names hannah and i’m twelve but I have suffered through alot, not with cancer but with loss of an uncle when i was 8 from the cancer ALL, and my bestfriend in a recent accident. I’ve been searching for a pen-pal forever, i know, lame right? ahha, i don’t know, it just comforts me to know i can be here for someone like people were when i lost my loved ones. If you want to talk anytime you can myspace me myspace.com/nevershoutneverhannah, facebook, or snail mail -email, it’s whatever. I hope to hear from you soon, and i hope your going well. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this painful situation.
    Hannnah. <3.

  • Emily Jones

    Heya, I’m 16 and i was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma when i was 8 and then relapsed when i was 12. In december i was told i was in remission but still had to do 3 cycles of follow up chemo.
    If you wanted to email me i could give you any information you wanted to know :D


    :) x

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