My 16 yr old son just finished Chemo for Osteosarcoma

I am here for family members or teens with osteosarcoma….I can tell you our experience because it is very recent and still happening. God Bless.

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  • Donna Nelson

    My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with osteosarcoma last month and we’ve finished 2 rounds of chemo – due to mouth sores we were not able to do the 3rd round this week and drs say that we will skip the 3rd round & go to 4th round as scheduled next week – did your son have to skip any rounds – we are so nervous about that-

  • Robin

    Hi Donna,
    My son James had terrible mouth sores too and we had a terrible time with HD Methotrexate. There is a website call that will let you share with hundreds of other parents that have been through and are going through what we have been through. There is a couple of tricks for the mouth sores if I remember correctly one is glutamine and seemed to help lots of the kids. James was diagnosed in February of 2007, he didn’t finish all of his treatments either and has a a few small reoccurances and we go for scans next month. My feeling is that the treatments after the removal surgery are the keys to success, they are the ones that mop up anything missed by the initial chemo’s. If you want to contact me please feel free @

    Good Luck and Lots of Hugs to you and your little Warrior!!
    aka James Mom

  • sarah

    i just finishes chemo for osteosarcoma. how long has your son been diagnoised?

  • Tina

    Hi Anne, it would be great if you can answer this question of mine.

    How did it feel as a family member to see you beloved one been diagnosed with cancer and also how did you feel when your son went through treatments??

    Thank you soo much

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