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You know what sucks the most about having cancer? its when u finally become cancer free and now you worry about every little ache and pain u have thinking “is this pain mean the cancer is back?” or when u have a test and u have to wait for the results u think “what if the results aren’t good? what if they show the cancer is back?”

My name is Kirsten and i am a 15 month survivor or Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. im 16 yrs old and i am a junior in High school. when i became sick with cancer i had just entered high school and only been in class for 3 days. i became sick and missed a lot of days of school.  i was diagnosed with Ana-plastic Large Cell Lymphoma which is a non hodgkins lymphoma on 8-26-08 and was diagnosed cancer free 8-26-09 and then 1 yr cancer free on 8-23-10 i go for follow-up appoint ments every 3 months and i am doing better everyday.  but it sucks because i cant live my normal life. i got to doctor after doctor and get test after test done everytime i got to the hospital for a check up and what is worse is that no one at my school can relate to me i am the only teenager at my school that battled cancer and its not fair. not saying i wish everyone got cancer because i dont want that im just saying i wish i could meet more people that live around me that are my age that have when through what i have. im in band which i love very much but i cant some of the fun things. i got to a Website called StarBright World A social network or community for sick teens and their teen siblings the site is i truely love the friends i made there and everyone knows what everyone is going through. its truely an amazing place to be . if u are between the ages 13-20 u can join the site its a safe site with adults monitoring the chat room 24/7 and everything is nice and protected for ur safty

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  • Leah Shearer

    Hi Kirsten,

    What is normal, right? After cancer it seems like the word normal takes on a much more complicated meaning.

    I think people use the word without thinking when they say your life goes back to “normal” after cancer. Ummm…rewind. What? I think doctors should rethink that statement when saying that to a patient.

    I’ve said this before and I will say it again—sometimes life after cancer can be even more challenging than the part you face through the treatment of it. Whoever says having so many doctors and appointments filling your calendar is “normal”? Having to place such emphasis on staying well—and having so much focus on scans and tests can provoke such feelings of anxiety.

    But in all this—there are ways to manage. It sounds like you are doing a great job of looking for support.

    Thanks for sharing your story and lending us your wisdom. :)

    Leah Shearer
    TLC Program Coordinator

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