I don’t even know where to begin… This is the first site I have found that I feel like I fit in.. I am 19 and was recently diagnosed with cancer. And so far the whole experience has been an up and down situation everyday.
I have not had to have an chemo yet, but have had three surgeries since the beginning of October. I have a brain tumor. It is a condrosarcoma so they think it grew up from my spine into my brain, and they say the size that it is and how slowly it is growing they think it has been there all my life but just was never noticed until recently. And the type of cancer it is they say I could have more other places, so I have to go down next week to have a full body bone scan.
I have never been one to be nervous or get freaked out… But I am kinda nervous that they are going to find more tumors.. And then i don’t know what is going to happen…
And I have already had to put off school and other stuff cause of this.. And one of the  hardest things is all my family and friends try and be supportive but they have know idea what it is like..
Thanks for listening!

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    God help you, I’ll pray for you, my mom has cancer and I know how hard can be.

  • Katlynn Seeley

    You are definatly in my prayers! I’m 19 too and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Lukemia not very long after you were diagnosed so I know kind of what your going through just stay strong and you will get through this!

  • siara

    Hey Kimberlee,

    I was just diagnosed with a brain tumor about 2 weeks ago. It is pretty scary. I will keep you in my prayers. We can, and will get through this.I have not had surgery yet or anything. We are all here for you. BTW i’m 16.

    Stay positive,

  • Farhana:)

    Kimberlee Darling..
    be Strong and never give up yea..
    have faith and be Confident..

    we Love you and i will always pray for u

    p/s: i would like to hear more from you..u can email me at nottylicious.babe@gmail.com

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