Hi I’m Vane and I have ALL I really admire people who have overcome cancer and I hope that soon I’ll be able to say that I’m one of them.(:

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  • Leah Shearer

    Hi Vane,

    I hope you join that club too. Take it one step at a time as you face this journey.
    Remember as you are in the thick of a difficult challenge looking at the big picture is too hard- so just focus on the here and now. Do everything can to feel good about yourself during that time. Hope you are doing well.

    Leah Shearer
    TLC Program Coordinator
    Rochester NY

  • Odriaaa

    The most important thing is to think positive. Live with a thought that ur already healthy and think what will you do in the future. NOT A DAMN BAD THOUGHT. think good thoughts, get well soon and be one of us :) and if you have questions about anything or just need to talk to someone heres my email. :]]

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