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    July 31, 2010 by  
    Filed under Community

    so im still in recovery from the 28th op (april).

    Still on crutchersish none at home, 1 at school and 2 if im really tired or sore which tends to be alot! wondering if anyone else has a prosthesis, mines in my hip to knee from ewings sarcoma…..

    Id love to hear about yours and recovery time too coz mine seems to be a lot longer than last time…..


    UGH! what to do…..

    April 15, 2010 by  
    Filed under Community

    hmmm so i am 3 years in remission and had a ewings sarcoma in my right femur and hip. i had a year of chemo and a prosthesis (fake bone) put in. it has now broken and since been declared ‘faulty’ and i am havign surgery in 2 weeks! i am really not sure how to feel about it…… it brings back memories of friends that are no longer here and i am ok with it one moment and havign nightmares and waking up crying in my sleep or having mini break downs just randomly.. anyone feelign the same at the moment?? im kinda feelign a bit lost!!!





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