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    July 14, 2011 by  
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    I had cancer and have been cancer free for a while now. I have lost many friends to this horrible thing, but i will not let cancer define who i am. People always say how can you not be sad i mean you had cancer! my answer I am aloud to be sad but I wont let that control my everyday actions.There are two types of people and i have noticed this the first type aree the ones who lie in bed saying how can this be happening to me? and dont get up for anything. then there are the other type like me who make the best out of every experience even during a bad one. Examples of me making the best-
    1.cant sleep- excuse to roam the hospital at 3 in the morning when nurses are not looking
    2. chemo- make the doctor sit and play games until it is over
    3. weird but puking- make your mom guess what you ate! (i cant even tell you how many times i did this!)
    4. want to get up and walk- get ddr and dance your booty away
    5. bald- draw on your head with washable markers!
    I just saying that my doctors say if you have a happier attitude and smile you will leave the hospital sooner! i did too!

    if anyone would like to talk email me

    how can i handle a death?

    February 7, 2011 by  
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    one of my best friends died march 16 of last year and we are coming up on his 1 year his name was brian but two weeks before that my friend iryri died cause the chemo didnt work and the luekemia took over. In 2006 on febuary 13 my grandma died from cancer and now its happening it two more friends are going to leave me im still not over brian and iryri i have broken down in school and my emotions are taking over me i dont know how to handle it again i know people on here have been where ive been

    tired of cancer

    December 18, 2010 by  
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    i have been in remission for a while now but im so scared that it will come back i was told that after ur done with treatment life is good u dont worry about it anymore THEY LIED! every little bruise or weakness makes me think its back im so worried all the time my mom told me this happens this worried feeling i have all the time it makes me sad and im a happy person! i know im not the only one who feels like this but who eles does?

    Shingles who has had it?

    October 16, 2010 by  
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    my life sucks im very sad i have shingles iv never been in so much pain its on my head my neck part of my face and going down my back. who has had shingles what did u have to do? i have reached my life time capacity of crap. tonight is my homcoming and it was also my testing day for tae kwon do but instead of doing all that im stuck in a hospital bed on a diff. floor with nurses i dont know and who dont know me i dont like this i was too sick to go to homecoming last year and two weeks later found out i had cancer. im so sad and have been crying off and on all day long yesterday too…. my mom says to find the best of something at the end of the day i havent found anything 1. im in pain 2. im itching like crazy 3. my shingles are blistering 4. i had to get blood drawn and a iv put in cause i already have had my line taken out 5. i want to be a normal highschool kid dancing the night away but obviously im not 6. ive been practicing harder then ever for my tae kwon do test 7. im on so many pain drugs i think im high jk lol but i just need advice from people who know and understand whats going

    going back to school need advice

    October 2, 2010 by  
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    ok well i havent been to school as a normal student since november 12 the day i was diagnosed with cancer and now this weds. is my first day back and im nervous since ive been gone for so long i need advice who has done this before?

    you know your a teen with cancer when….

    September 10, 2010 by  
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    lol you must read this! its hilarious! it talks about teen with cancer with true and hilarious things that never seemed funnny until u released it
    you know your a teen with cancer when you don’t know your way around school, but you know the hospital back to front
    you know your a teen with cancer when after discharge, you get up in the middle of the night at home and try to find your drip pole and unplug it so you can go to the bathroom (i cant even tell you how many times ive done this lol)

    ok well here is the site


    who knows what im going through

    September 1, 2010 by  
    Filed under Survivor Stories

    ok well im new to this site man do i wish i hadd known about this site earlier ok i had aul luekemia not to long ago and if u dont know what aul is its i had all and aml plus i had bmt ok well now im good and starting to get back to normal well now none of my friends talk to me they talked to me barely during treatment but now none at all. and if by chance they see my they either dont know what to say or all they want to talk about is cancer im so tired of this what do i do?

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