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    Hey guys,
    My name is Karmen and I am a five year cancer surivior (PTLD). I am pleased to say I have had no relapses and I am doing quite well! I am currently in my third year of doing a BSc in Nursing and am working on my Advanced Major! Cancer has impacted my life in more ways than one and so I have decided to do my Major in Pediatric Oncology. Considering I was a teen myself going through cancer, chemo, etc., I thought it was fit! My topic is helping teens stay teens throughout their hospital/cancer experience and the nurses role, and was hoping you guys could give me some ideas of what’s important to include. How did you guys feel when newly diagnosed? How did you feel if friends visited and told you stories of what was going on back at school, how did you feel missing school, what were some characteristics of your favorite nurse (likes/dislikes), how did you feel towards your parents/siblings/friends? How did you cope through your experience, what made you strong/fight? How did your life change? How do you live your life now (dwell in your old life?) Some questions as examples!
    Anything will help! I really want to write a great paper that will help other teens transition through this time. Thanks guys :)

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