In search for other teens in Phoenix AZ

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This post send by Jade Olson

My name is Jade Olson, I am 16 years old and I was diagnosed with leukemia in April 2013. I had to move 4 hours away from home to get my treatments here in Phoenix and i am having a hard time relating to people who arent dealing with the same things i am… if anyone is in this area, or anywhere really, who are battling cancer i would love to connect with you and chat about things we have to deal with that no one else understands. My facebook is hit me up on there if you want someone to talk to.

Looking for “The Road I Followed”

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This post send by Charlotte Hummel

I am trying to find a copy of the workbook called \\\\\\\"The Road I Followed\\\\\\\" for a teen coping with end of life issues in her family. Please let me know where I can get a copy. Thank you

Ready to fly….

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Hi! I am Ruby. I was supposed to come to this website four years ago when I was first diagnosed. But at that time, I was overwhelmed with my diagnosis and didn’t want to talk to anyone or see anything related to cancer. Today, I found this card that my social worker gave me back in 2009 and decided to share my story.

I was diagnosed with a stage 3 rhabdomyosarcoma a few days before my 15th birthday. At that time, I didn’t really understand what was going on, I just knew that I had to get treatment for 10 months and I couldn’t go to school during that period. It turned out it was so much more than I expected: 3 cycles of chemo and 28 rounds of radiation, losing hair, having virtually no friends to talk to ( They just didn’t understand). Luckily, I have two very caring parents and family members, I kept fighting. Eventually when the chemo ended after 1 year, instead of 10 months ( bc I was too weak to have any more chemo some time so they had to delay the chemo), I was actually reluctant of going to school, because I didn’t have any hair. (And my school is very straight about not having hat/cap on once we enter the school building) After all the worrying about going to school with hair disappeared after I learned that I had to wait until the Spring semester to return to school anyway. So I continued with Home Schooling in the meantime. Because I no longer had a suppressed immune system, I was allowed to have anything I want ( I love eating!). So I ate lots of SUSHI (my favorite), fried things, steak! (second favorite) in that period and thinking that it’s all over.

So I started going back to school as a junior in Spring, with short hair (guy’s hair). My old friends were supportive in school. They waited for me after class, walked with me to the train station, told me jokes that I still remember today. Life was starting to get better. One month later, I was told that I had a relapse. At that time, I was really upset; “I had done what I was told to do, I did nothing wrong, I didn’t kill anyone or even punch anyone?! Why do I have to suffer?” I was really fearful at that time because anyone who has gone though chemo knows how painful that is. Desperate for a new normal life, and, sort of, because of my superstition, I switched to another hospital. I knew I made a right decision when I met my doctor there. He gave me many treatment plans and explained to me carefully. This time, the chemo was less severe and my hair didn’t fall off. ( I was really grateful for that) So I continued this less painful treatment along with 20 or so radiation while I returned to Home Schooling. All the scans showed good progress and it was time for High School graduation. My doctor and I were discussing check-ups in a hospital near my College because it was time for the chemo to finish up. I was really excited for college, the classmates I met in the student meeting were friendly, the college offered classes I love taking. At the same time, I was also preparing for my road test and I was leaving for my trip that Make-A-Wish has arranged for me. That summer was full of excitement and hope. Then, one day ( about two weeks before my departure, I found a bump on my shoulder bone, and it turned out to be another relapse. My doctor quickly ordered another round of radiation and, luckily, it was just that one tumor. So I left for my trip after the radiation, still happy and excited.

As I was traveling, however, I noticed there’s a little bump on my neck, so I contacted my doctor, and he said it’s better for me to continue enjoying my trip than returning immediately ( I know he made a good decision for me because that trip was amazing!)So by the time, I returned that bump grew into the size of a mango. I hope a radiation could take of it, like last time. But I wasn’t lucky this time, cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body, neck, lymph nodes, rib …etc. ( I don’t really know the detail, I just know it’s pretty bad) So I immediately went through intense chemotherapy and postponed college.

Now, I am still continuing chemo and hoping that it’d end soon because if I can’t go to school this fall, I’d have to reapply to college. One thing that’s different is that I no longer blame anyone or anything for this — I know if I want to get better, I have to work for it: eat less meat and exercise more. I used to be and still sometimes am a passive and pessimistic person. If you are like me, Here’s a trick for you: Just don’t think about the bad things at all, that way you will never get depressed. Whenever a gloomy thing comes across your mind, Just think about the good things. Believe you can win and you will win. Believe there’s a future ahead of you. Believe someday you will be freed and able to fly away from these nightmares. Meanwhile, prepare yourselves to fly! Try to be optimistic!

If you’d like to talk, feel free to email me at

Good luck to all of you! Keep fighting!

ewings sarcoma

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Hi I’m allie and i am 15 , i have ewings sarcoma.I had chronic leg pain for about a 6 months and figured it would go away.I was terrified when i found i had cancer, i was too young to die.

When i was first diagnosed i didnt want to bother anyone for anything. I am a very independent person. My had a tumor in my leg which caused my thigh to break. I was put in a hip spica cast. So basically i couldnt really get up to the washroom or even dress myself. its the worst when you cant even get your own pants on yourself. i eventually learned to ask for help if i needed it.

My treatment plan included 6 rounds of chemotherapy, limb salvage surgery, 8 more rounds of chemo with 28 rounds of radiation. Ive gone threw 2 port a caths (first one broke) and have gotten a stomach tube since ive been diagnosed, and have had 8 surgeries.My chemotherapy used to make me so sick i was in the hospital for 9 weeks when i started and i could eat at all . Currently i have 2 more chemo rounds left. im still recovering from my leg salvage surgery and im on crutches. Ive recently gone back to school.

I still considered my self very blessed. I live in a loving small community. I have supportive friends and family. They actually did a few fundraisers at school and in the community. Ive received endless cards, and many gifts. I also am at one of the best hospital in Canada and i have an amazing oncology team. I have a school trip to Quebec City and ottawa to look forward too, as well as a summer camp for kids have or had cancer.

It gets better

I have Leukemia, Leukemia dosen’t have me!!!!!!!!!!

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I was diagnosed w Leukemia just recently.
I am 10 wks from 18.
I am unsure of what my future w Leukemia may hold.
But I am fearless bc I believe God is on my side.
Even if I lose my hair, I won’t lose myself.
Bc I have Leukemia, Leukemia dose not have me.
I like to make new friends who understand cancer.
E-mail me if you wanna be friends.


Here We Go Again

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Im 14yrs old living in California and fighting a battle with Cancer “ALL” Leukemia.I have been battling since the age of 3yrs old. I have relapsed 3 times and on my 3rd time now.The first 2 times It was discovered in my bone marrow. This time it was found in my spinal fluid”CNS”. Each treatment is 2 1/2yrs. Iam currently 1yr and 2months into this treatment and although iv had many hard times and very scary moments today Iam doing well.Iv just been told that Iam exspected to under go Radiation. it is kinda scary but I have been doing this for so long ive learnd all you can really do during scary moments like this is too be possitive and strong.If anyone can continue to help me stay possitive and strong or just show your support,it would put a smile on my face….. know im not alone,I have an army…We need a cure!!!!

My journey

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Hi my name is alysha and I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 10, It was very hard I went through about 6 surgery, the cancer spread to my lung but they were able to take it out. I went through a rough 26 rounds of chemo. When I had one of my surgery I hallucinated about 2 times! It was terrible. I am currently 13 and my cancer came back in the same arm): in my left arm I have very limited movement and that is very hard for me to adjust to. Well if you have a similar story I would be very open to talk to you about it! Thanks for reading!


My Dad

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My dad says he has sacrificed more than I have in the last four years that I disrupted. I find that hard to believe. He says its my fault we moved out of our house and sold all we owned (which wasn’t much) and had to live in a camper for over a year. And it is my fault but he did not have to have take the red devil chemo and puke every single day, too many times a day to know. He didn’t lie on an operating table for 14.5 hours and wake up not knowing if he still had a leg. He can still run, and jump, and ride a bike, and even put his own sock on. While I can do none of those things. He has all of his lungs and can breathe easily. I am missing half of my right lung and get out of breath quickly. He didn’t have 2 different port placements and one removal, nor did he have to get stuck with needles 24/7. His body is not permanently scarred with the scars no one should have to bare. He may have been there and saw everything I went through, but what did he sacrifice. I know it hurt him but he did live everyday wondering if it was his last. Of I course I did not tell everyone this all the time, but I did wonder, I was scared that I might not see tomorrow. Anyone of us can go at anytime from this messed up world but you never think of that until you know you could be next. I am sure he thought all of these terrible things but if I was gone, he would still be here to taunt me forever of lost life. My dad is not mean but cannot understand that I was the one battling for my life. I am the one who has been poked and prodded and sliced and diced. I am left with the battle scars that someone 5 times my age should not have to endure. I was poisoned with one harsh medicine after another and grilled with radiation. I was the one that was told you have cancer 4 times. And I was the one that was given up on by my doctor. I changed in so many ways that I don’t even know. I try not complain that much, though it’s hard. Living life to the fullest is now my favorite dream. I want my dad to understand but I hope he, himself never has go down the scary road that is cancer. I have been lucky for every time I have gotten cancer, it has been destroyed. I am so lucky to have gotten in a trial at St. Jude. I am even luckier to be 4 months in remission. I am the luckiest to have gotten cancer and if I could go back, I would not change it for the world. I was not so much before but now am convinced that there has to be someone or something that gives us this luck. God or fate or whatever you prefer but there is no bad luck; it may seem that way but there is always a reason and will turn out alright in the end if you believe. And I don’t mean God or anything like that, just believe that it will get better and I know it will. I have a weird theory that you only die if you want to. I choose to live and that is what I am going to do. So now that I’ve thought about it, if my dad thinks that those material things are so important, then maybe he did sacrifice more than me. Because to me I may be covered in scars and missing several “important” body parts but I am alive, cancer free, and I have gained so many new friends and experiences that there is nothing for me complain about. I wish my dad could see this and understand and see it the way I do now. Thanks for letting me get this out, I hope it helps some else who’s down in the dumps about whatever is bugging them. Dominique

Update (Sorry it’s been so long!)

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So I had this all typed out, hit the wrong button on my computer and erased it all. Obviously I’m not computer skilled.
So it’s been a while since I wrote here. i think the last time was right before the scan I was going to have that would confirm that I had cancer.
In September I was diagnosed with cancer, a tumor on my liver with mets (I think) on my brain (And don’t ask me the name of the cancer because I am totally drawing a blank right now… yay, brain tumor!)
My cancer is slow moving abd we’re waiting for cancer to make the next move. I’m not doing any chemo or radiation, instead opting for alternative treatments to try to get my cancer into stability.
I go back to get more scans and blood work and meet with a bunch of doctors at the beginning of February and that, hopefully, will give us a better idea of what we’re dealing with.
Things have been getting a lot better in this past week both emotionally and physically (yay!) so i’m really hoping it will be good news I get in February (Or all these natural diets and cleanse’s and detox’s and meditation and yoga and reiki and juicing would be for nothing)
And other then that… I turned 16 since my diagnosis, which is crazy. I don’t feel old enough to be graduating next year. But I am! I’m still single (Sigh…) and I think the cancer thing really freaks out most people. I’m attending school part time, working casually and am turning into a full time healing junkie.
Sending love and hugs to all of you

id love to be a model for teens living with cancer

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hi my name is maria bustamante but i go by mia
i have stage 3 type B Hodgkin lymphoma and everyone i meet tells me how strikingly beautiful i am with and without my hair. im completely bald now and i still have all my confidence if not more; multiple employees at Randall children s hospital in Portland Oregon said i could be a model for cancer. im very very interest and want to be a model but im 17 and 5’1, but please stay in touch and help me find out more info about modeling i want to make a difference in other teens and kids lives by showing them that life is so far from over because of cancer. i have cancer, cancer does not have me:)
sincerely maria

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