hey everyone. im new to this site. so i dont really know how it works. im 20 yrs old && i was diagnosed with a rare cervical cancer at 17 yrs old. i had to have a histerectomy && no longer have the abililty to bear children. i have had 3 re-occurences since then. im going through thte 3rd now. ive never been able to talk about how i feel with family or friends because they dont feel the same pain && hurt as i do. i was just wondering if there was anyone else on here who may have a cervical cancer or one similiar to mine. although being 20 yrs old im suppost to be strong && not worry but that really isnt true i just found out recently that im going to loose my hair && even though my wig is beautiful im still really upset about it. i know people have it much worse than me && i shouldnt be upset but ive never felt so alone && so unlike me in my whole life even when i had like 2 friends in school. i appreciate you reading what i have to say & & i really hope i can find someone or someones to talk to maybe my life wont feel so alone or worthless..thank you

cassi perrin

20 yrs old

Teacher needing advice

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Hi everyone-  just wanted to say that I am amazed, inspired and just overwhelmed by this site.  Each of you brings tears to my eyes…your words of wisdom and support for one another is beautiful and I’m in awe.

I recently had a student (I teach 11th grade US history) diagnosed with leukemia.  He’s undergoing weekly chemo and getting ready for a 4 day intensive stint at the hospital that will happen every 2 weeks for 8 weeks.  He’s been so sick–  I’ve gotten close to the mom in the last 2 weeks and trying to help out in every way I can.  The student, her son, has been really angry and won’t see anyone.  She told me tonight that he is ready to see me– and maybe even open to the relay for life that we have at our school for our town. 

I can’t wait to see him, he was super quiet in class, and I’m a really outgoing person…I talked to him a little, but with little response at the beginning of the year.  I just don’t want to screw up when I see him.  He hates the social worker assigned to him because she’s super cheery, etc. 

Any words of advice for when I go and see him?  I’m so nervous.  I’m never a nervous person….very outgoing, people person, always know what to say…..this time is different.  More on the line.  I don’t want to screw this up.

Advice?  I’d love to hear from you guys.  :)

Praying for all of you tonight…..


i have been having problims with school can sum one on here email me and maybe we can talk on the phone my email is jeremiahg20@gmail.com please lable it tlc and what you are going too talk about thank you

Helping Teens Stay Teens Through Cancer

Hey guys,
My name is Karmen and I am a five year cancer surivior (PTLD). I am pleased to say I have had no relapses and I am doing quite well! I am currently in my third year of doing a BSc in Nursing and am working on my Advanced Major! Cancer has impacted my life in more ways than one and so I have decided to do my Major in Pediatric Oncology. Considering I was a teen myself going through cancer, chemo, etc., I thought it was fit! My topic is helping teens stay teens throughout their hospital/cancer experience and the nurses role, and was hoping you guys could give me some ideas of what’s important to include. How did you guys feel when newly diagnosed? How did you feel if friends visited and told you stories of what was going on back at school, how did you feel missing school, what were some characteristics of your favorite nurse (likes/dislikes), how did you feel towards your parents/siblings/friends? How did you cope through your experience, what made you strong/fight? How did your life change? How do you live your life now (dwell in your old life?) Some questions as examples!
Anything will help! I really want to write a great paper that will help other teens transition through this time. Thanks guys :)

I’d love to meet teens like me who I can relate to…

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Hi my name is Katie. I am 18 years old and live in Rotterdam New York. In May of 2009 when I was 17, I was diagnosed with stage 4 T-Cell Non-Hodkin’s Lympho-blastic Lymphoma. Going through this experience has only made me such a stronger person than I thought I was before. The only thing that I wish were different about going through treatment is that I had teens my age to talk to. Most kids at my clinic are like 10 and under. I’ve havent really met any teen my age going through the same thing that I am. Although it was difficult I was able to graduate with my original high school class in 2010. I am currently getting ready to register for online classes. I have been diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis of the hips and shoulders so I will be taking as many classes as I can online and once my treatment is finished sometime next summer, I can get my hips fixed and continue onto a Nursing school to become an Oncology Nurse. I never knew about this site until today. I had a bonemarrow aspirate this morning and my child life specialist recommend it to me. Id love to beable to talk to anyone about dealing with things that no one without cancer could relate to.


Everything changes during a moment

Someone’s life begins while another ends

A smile turns into a frown

A room full of people turns into nothing

Everything you ever wanted to do,


Nothing else matters

Nothing else is important

You no longer belong to yourself

Everything you use to love,

no longer holds interest for you

Peace is no longer found in faces or places

War is lurking around th corner

The only thing that matters

The only thing that is important



hi, my name is Chantel. im 16 . i found out i was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in the month of July 2010. i was pretty shocked that i got cancer because i thought it came mostly from family genes, but neither my mom or dads side has cancer of any sort, so i learned something new. I was really scared hearing all the stuff i had to go through and not being able to have a good summer. i thought my friends would visit me when i was out of the hospital, but i haven’t seen them in a month and a half and really miss school already. i guess i just feel isolated from everything since i cant be active like i use too.

i took a class at the hospital called: cancer is your friend

so yeah i took a class at the hospital called cancer is your friend.. and i didnt understand it at first but after a couple of classes i realized that you shouldnt hate cancer all the time for what its doing to you you should be happy that its made you such a wonderful person. i am now very stronge and confident and i help people and alot more now i mean you dont need cancer to learn that but there are some good things that come from this disease

Osteosarcoma.. love the fighters,survivors and the taken

well ive been in the hospital know for about a month:( ive switched to a new one:) and im doing radiaion and chemo so hopefully ill achieve remisson and wont relapse again. relapsing is hard espically 3 times and when u go into cardiac arrest and when the doc tells u ur gonna die. but so far ive proved all of them wrong and ima keep doing that:) ive had to deal with so much and ive had so many friend with cancer that i practically know everything about every form lol just kiding:) if anyone ever needs to talk you can email me @ spidygoalie@yahoo.com im a good listener and talker:) <3 (think about the fighters survivors and the taken)

Siblings group project

Kelsey Harper, a doctoral student at the California School of Professional Psychology, is designing a support group to empower, strengthen, and support siblings of children and teens with cancer.  Enhancing resilience in siblings of children with cancer will provide them with the strength and tools necessary to effectively cope with the variable, ambiguous, and unpredictable process.

 This project needs adults 18 years or older, who are a member of a family currently experiencing recent diagnosis, treatment, or recent remission within the last two years.  You can offer your ideas with this important group of children, and your family offers your help in building a play group special for children like yours, helping give much needed rest, fun, and growth to siblings of children with cancer.

 If you can participate, please follow this link to the online Powerpoint presentation outlining the project and the curriculum (http://www.slideshare.net/harperk2/enhancing-resilience-in-siblings-of-children-with-cancer?from=share_email).  After viewing the presentation, please follow this link to an online survey to answer questions about you and your family, your feedback on the curriculum, and additional comments about the needs of families like yours (http://alliant.qualtrics.com/SE?SID=SV_8vQgHCC5h6Ut2K0).    Please have only one person per family complete the survey on behalf of the family.  Thank you for your help with this important project.


Presentation:  http://www.slideshare.net/harperk2/enhancing-resilience-in-siblings-of-children-with-cancer?from=share_email

Survey:  http://alliant.qualtrics.com/SE?SID=SV_8vQgHCC5h6Ut2K0



Please contact Kelsey Harper at kharper@alliant.edu for questions or more information.

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