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Hi everybody,

My name is Jamie Buchanan. I was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was 14 and I am now 18, celebrating 3 years in remission. My way of giving back has been through art collages. I make them filled with thoughts of, Happiness, Perseverance, Hope, Inspiration, etc. I sell my collages in prints & tee shirts, bags etc. I will be donating 10% of each sales’ proceeds to an organization called i[2]y. It is an organization created to help raise awareness forthe age group of  teens to young adults battling cancer, or in remission. It is a great organization, go take a look at my artwork & Please help!! I have posted both of my websites. :)


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Filed under Coping with Cancer, Side Effects yeah..I don’t really know what to say…it just pretty much sucks having to wear a wig and’s itchy, uncomfortable, and totally not what I planned to put out for myself this year. Throwing up all the time is not just’s downright annoying. And having people not know what your going through is the worst part. It’s  a secret, and it’s gonna stay a secret.

You guys rock.

Thyroid cancer

My name is Victoria, I am 18 years old. Three days ago I found out that I have thyroid cancerous. Its all pretty scary and me and my family are still trying to deal with all of it. If any one has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.


Chemo, love hate relationship.

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I hate chemo. I hate it so much, the nausea, the jelly knees, the fatigue, the vomitting, the hair in the bottom of the shower and all over my pillow and in my hands. There are so many terrible side effects, the cure can be worse than the disease.

However, its the cure, and it will make me better. Its the only thing that will get rid of the cancer, and its helping me.

Its very weird to hate the thing saving your life this much.

So…sick… I hate chemo treatments.

My name is Caleb. I’m 17, and I have Leukemia. I was diagnosed almost a month ago now, and I’m starting my Chemotherapy. Yesterday afternoon, I started my second round.

Thank God the first round was easy on me. This second round is really kicking my butt.

I didn’t feel really well yesterday morning, anyways. And I had the option of either having the treatment this morning, or yesterday afternoon at 4, and I opted for yesterday afternoon, because I had a track meet this morning.

I got there around 4:00, and they hooked me up. I sat in the seat, and waited for it to finish dripping.

Halfway through, I got a HUGE headache. I mean, this was the worst pain I’ve ever had in my head. It felt like someone was hitting me in the head with a hammer.

I finished and went home about 2 hours later, after talking to some really close friends in the treatment place.

I got home, and went to lie down and watch a movie. My head was still pounding.

This morning, I woke up, and automatically felt sick. I stood up, and I was extremely dizzy. I spent the better part of the morning in and out of the restroom, and sleeping on the bathroom floor. I hate that.

I was usually pretty healthy. I never got sick before all of this happened, and I’m not used to it. I don’t like it.

After my numerous restroom trips, I finally worked up enough strength to make it down stairs to say good morning to my amazing mother, and I sat down at the kitchen table, and laid my head down. My mom felt my forehead, and took my temp and all that. Granted- she’s not used to this quite yet, either. She’s used to healthy kids, I mean, none of my 5 brothers have ever had anything that compares to this, and neither has my sister. Quite frankly, neither have I. She’s not very fond of us being sick at all, I mean, the flu season is a terrible time for her! I was running a fever of like… 102, I think. And my head was still killing me.

She sent me to lie on the living room couch, and when I laid down, I turned on Fired Up!, and soon fell asleep.

I woke up about an hour later, and I felt a HUGE surge of nausea, and I leapt for the restroom.

See, now, this is where my story gets pretty pitiful. I hate being sick. SO much. I absolutely despise it. But I’m smart enough to expect it with Chemo.

So, I spent a lot of my afternoon throwing up, and falling asleep, and throwing up, and falling asleep again, and on and on.

Needless to say, I didn’t have a very good day.

I hate Chemo treatments.

Who’s with me?

Research and Oncology

I actually don’t have cancer but I am a prospective medical student and I was wondering about pursuing paediatric oncology. As a part of that interest I have a paper in English that I’m writing on the effects of cancer on relationships in teens. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out? The paper’s mainly focussed on friendships and relationships with family but any help I can get is SO appreciated. Also any thoughts you guys have on what your medical teams are like? What does you oncologist deal with etc.?

Harri :)

osteosarcoma Please leave advice

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Ewings Sarcoma.

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I was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma in June 2008 and finished treatment in May 2009. I still have a lot of fatigue and other side effects from all the chemo I got. I also had a major surgery on my leg. I can no longer jump, run , or play. Its really difficult and I sometimes get depressed and overwhelmed. I was hoping to connect to other teens that also have this problem.

This sucks!

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Having cancer sucks! I lost my best friend the day after Christmas due to cancer. It hasn’t been the same without him! I am so upset. I have a scan at the end of the month. If it comes back saying that I have relapsed again, (I have been through treatment twice) I am not sure what I am going to do. I dont think I can handle this again! I don’t understand why kids and teenagers have to deal with cancer! It’s HORRIBLE! ugh.


Hi everyone!

My name is Valeria, I actually dont have any cancer, but I am writting a book about it, I really would appreciate if you could tell me your stories so I could take some ideas,

Thank you everybody!


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