Colon Cancer

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I just need to share this.

When my mom was 12, her dad died of colon cancer. He had a condition called Familial Adenomatous Polyposis, also known as FAP. Its a genetic disorder where polyps develop in the colon and if left untreated can develop into cancer by the age of 40. He passed it down to my mom and she passed it down to me. The Doctors found what they called “weird looking” polyp in me the last time I went in for a check up.

The chances of me developing cancer by the age of 30 is greater the 90%. Possibly more because my dad’s dad also had cancer and just recently i found out it came back. He was so freaking lucky he beat it the first time but i don’t know this time. I am scared to death that i might lose him forever.

lung cancer

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just recently found out my dad has stage 4 lung cancer

loss of friends

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when i was 8 i had all these friends but now people say rumors about me and only 1 person likes me now


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As we speak, my best friend Max, who is 18, is being kept asleep chemically after his first surgery and before his second one on wednesday. He has Osteocarcoma for the second time and surgery is his best option. The cancer is on his spine and pelvis, his biggest worry is the spine. His first treatment was chemo and a life times supply of radiation, this time the best hope is surgery. The hardest part is that we live in vermont but him and his family have moved down to boston and to the magical doctors of Mass. General. Not being able to be there for him is so frustrating and upsetting. I care more about him than pretty much anyone else. We wont know how the surgery affected him until thursday after the second surgery, and even then it might take up to three months for things in his body to start working again… or not. Having hope is key, telling myself when he gets better…. not if. I’m not a religious person, though i have taken up prying anyways, I am a strong believer in positive atitude and sending good vibes will help just as well. So if you are reading this maybe take the time and just think a happy good energy thought for max, or any other sick person in your life. We are the people who love them and they need us most.

hi guys!

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Hey everyone! m so glad that you guys are still holding on, You guys will surely make out through this. Though i am not a cancer patient i have a friend who is suffering from it. SO, i wanted to know how i can help my friend to stand on ground and fight with it!

Help me guys, i need to help her live happily

Missing you.

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I am a two time cancer survivor. This summer has been a bad summer. I wanted the summer before my senior year of high school to be amazing, but it was so upsetting. I have lost 5 friends from the end of May to the beginning of September. They were all cancer patients. I spent my summer at funerals.

When I lost my friend Val in May, it didn’t hit hard until my friend Kenzie died in June. Once she passed, I was so upset. My friend Shane, who didn’t live in town, finally came into town the second week of June to seek a second opinion on his treatment. When the doctors here didn’t say what he wanted to hear, he moved back home. I was just blessed that I got to see him. I hadn’t seen him in almost two years. I never would have thought that was the last time I would ever talk to him or give him a hug or tell him I love him. He passed two weeks later. When I got that phone call, I denied it. I knew it couldn’t be true. I didn’t want to accept the fact that my best friend was gone. We talked all the time. But the two weeks leading up to his passing, he wasn’t answering the phone. I figured it was because he was going through chemo again. I never expected the worst.

Then about two weeks after I got that phone call, I got another phone call saying my close friend Matt passed from a brain tumor. I knew he was sick, but they were giving him so much hope. I went to Matt’s funeral the day before I went to camp. It hit me pretty hard that Matt was gone while we were up at camp. Matt loved camp and so being up there without him was very hard. It didn’t hit me that Shane was really gone until I came back from camp that weekend. I went to call him just to check up and vent to him like I always did. and the service of his phone was off. I became so depressed.

I am not sure why God has put all these people in my life, but they have definitely left an imprint on my heart.

Sorry for venting. I have had it bottled up way to long and I know this is a place where I can vent.

Too Young!

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Just having one of those days. :( I am a two time cancer survivor. Within the past week, I have had three friends that have taken a turn for the worse in the cancer journey and my friend’s dad died from cancer. It makes my heart ache. My two out of the three friends that have taken the turn are 18 and 17. The other one is 22, almost 23. It is TOO young! It breaks my heart to know that  they may never get to get married or have a family or have fun at all. The worst part is that two of them don’t even live in town :( so I can’t be with them.

I sometimes feel bad that I am healthy. Is that normal? I know that God has a plan for everything that happens. But sometimes I wonder why them and not me? It kills me to see the families. They are just heartbroken. I just don’t like that some of my best friends may not be here anymore. :( I have already lost three close friends to cancer! It is AWFUL!

I guess at this point in time, all I can do is continue to pray for them and be there for them as much as possible.

i have had a headache for the last two weeks if any one has any suggestions please let me no

hi my name is jeremiah i am starting a chat line for any one on here it will be a chat line number it is not only for people that went throo cancer but it is for adalts to email if interested in being apart @ jeremiahg20@gmail hope too here from you soon


hey everyone. im new to this site. so i dont really know how it works. im 20 yrs old && i was diagnosed with a rare cervical cancer at 17 yrs old. i had to have a histerectomy && no longer have the abililty to bear children. i have had 3 re-occurences since then. im going through thte 3rd now. ive never been able to talk about how i feel with family or friends because they dont feel the same pain && hurt as i do. i was just wondering if there was anyone else on here who may have a cervical cancer or one similiar to mine. although being 20 yrs old im suppost to be strong && not worry but that really isnt true i just found out recently that im going to loose my hair && even though my wig is beautiful im still really upset about it. i know people have it much worse than me && i shouldnt be upset but ive never felt so alone && so unlike me in my whole life even when i had like 2 friends in school. i appreciate you reading what i have to say & & i really hope i can find someone or someones to talk to maybe my life wont feel so alone or worthless..thank you

cassi perrin

20 yrs old

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