Too many people I know have cancer :(

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I have two amazing friends named Sarah and they have cancer as well.

Just wanted this post to be all about them.

Cancer is a tough battle, but they WILL beat it!!! <3333 Love you girls. Keep strong!!

Siblings group project

Kelsey Harper, a doctoral student at the California School of Professional Psychology, is designing a support group to empower, strengthen, and support siblings of children and teens with cancer.  Enhancing resilience in siblings of children with cancer will provide them with the strength and tools necessary to effectively cope with the variable, ambiguous, and unpredictable process.

 This project needs adults 18 years or older, who are a member of a family currently experiencing recent diagnosis, treatment, or recent remission within the last two years.  You can offer your ideas with this important group of children, and your family offers your help in building a play group special for children like yours, helping give much needed rest, fun, and growth to siblings of children with cancer.

 If you can participate, please follow this link to the online Powerpoint presentation outlining the project and the curriculum (  After viewing the presentation, please follow this link to an online survey to answer questions about you and your family, your feedback on the curriculum, and additional comments about the needs of families like yours (    Please have only one person per family complete the survey on behalf of the family.  Thank you for your help with this important project.






Please contact Kelsey Harper at for questions or more information.

Brave Heart- Art2heart

Hi everybody,

My name is Jamie Buchanan. I was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was 14 and I am now 18, celebrating 3 years in remission. My way of giving back has been through art collages. I make them filled with thoughts of, Happiness, Perseverance, Hope, Inspiration, etc. I sell my collages in prints & tee shirts, bags etc. I will be donating 10% of each sales’ proceeds to an organization called i[2]y. It is an organization created to help raise awareness forthe age group of  teens to young adults battling cancer, or in remission. It is a great organization, go take a look at my artwork & Please help!! I have posted both of my websites. :)

Research and Oncology

I actually don’t have cancer but I am a prospective medical student and I was wondering about pursuing paediatric oncology. As a part of that interest I have a paper in English that I’m writing on the effects of cancer on relationships in teens. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out? The paper’s mainly focussed on friendships and relationships with family but any help I can get is SO appreciated. Also any thoughts you guys have on what your medical teams are like? What does you oncologist deal with etc.?

Harri :)


Hi everyone!

My name is Valeria, I actually dont have any cancer, but I am writting a book about it, I really would appreciate if you could tell me your stories so I could take some ideas,

Thank you everybody!


Here is a link to a kid’s story from youtube

hey everyone

I found this kid on youtube when my friend showed me the video. He could probably use some support, so that means you TLC! Please check it out, I think he would love to here from you all.

Supporting your teen

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Hi, I’m a parent of a teen that was diagnosed with ALL

4 years ago.  We will hit that magical 5 years in remission

 mark next July, 2010.  While that date is always in my

mind, there have been many stages we’ve gone through

in between — luckily no readmittance to the hospital!


Hey everybody…

I’m not a teen, but I coordinate activities here in Rochester NY for teen cancer survivors…and I’m a two time cancer survivor myself.

It’s not easy to deal with all the regular stuff in life…then add cancer and it’s like somebody just dumped a watermelon on your already overloaded paper plate. How’s that analogy? 

Anyway, I want everybody here to know that you are not alone…and that simply by connecting with others here you can find ways to deal with all this cancer stuff. Keep hanging in there…you have a lot to share.

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