My Name is Leighton

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My name is Leighton, I am 14 years old and when I was two I was diagnosed with Leukemia which I fought for 5 years and when I was 7 I finally beat it. I lived a happy life, finally breathing fresh non-hospitalized air, and started making friends who I could depend on not dieing on me (I made 3 very close friends during the course of my leukemia, 2 of which died) and I was back in school living a normal life. I let my hair grow out long again. I gained back weight, (I was 45-48 pounds on a 4’6 frame) and I no longer needed stupid radiation or chemo. I could walk again and be free again. But two weeks ago that all changed. I was used to my mom always being on guard with me. Any little bruise on my body that stayed for longer than a week she would take me in. And if I ever seemed tired she would give me the third degree and question me because she was so afraid it was something cancer related. She was a single mom raising me at the time and so my entire life all the family I had ever known was her. I never knew my dad or his family so they were out of the picture. My mom was 18 when she had me and her family was never in the picture or there for her. Although they live in southern NJ and we only live in Manhattan, they never took the time to come and see me while I was sick. My mom was all I had while I was sick and in treatment. She’s my knight in shining armor. She was my crazy-b*tch mother fighting for my life, fighting for me just to make sure I was okay and everything was okay. So now that I’ve gotten passed my mother and what she’s like, you might understand why for nearly two weeks (about a month ago) I had been hiding blotchy dark purple bruises around the center of my spine. I thought they were dumb, perhaps the result of messing up in my gymnastics, falling wrong, hurting myself. But by week two i began to get worried. I was going to tell her what was going on by week 2 but I was in a sort of denial because she had always made me so aware of the cancer and the possibility of it coming back so in a way i was very afraid of the fact that it could actually have come back.
I was at a party in Brooklyn with my cousin and about 5 of her closest friends to celebrate her 15th birthday at a pool in this hotel. We were all messing around laughing and just having a good time, and somewhere along the way I got elbowed in the nose. It didn’t hurt too bad, nothign much really, but I ended up getting a nose bleed. So I sat at the side of the pool holding a kleenex to my nose, my head tipped back hoping it would stop.
But it wouldn’t.
My mom got called, she came to pick me up and once again i was hauled to the hospital to get tested again.
It was back.
It is back : (
I’ve been in treatment for about a week and a half now. I reach up and touch a bald head where my chest nut hair used to sit hanging to my butt.
I want to say how I feel but i just don’t know what to say. Everywhere i go people stop and stare. Waitresses and teachers are nicer than every with fake smiles planted on their faces when really I know theyre only being nice incase i die.
I’m so scared. I don’t know what to do.
I wish I ccould be brave and be a trooper but the truth is is that I can’t and I’m so afraid to die. I just started middle school in the fall last year and I don’t want to give up anything to this cancer.
I just don’t know what to do anymore.

All I know is that I have to stay strong. Youre never going to want to be in battle with cancer but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.
This is for all of you newly diagnosed out there. I know youre afraid and i know how you feel. But please listen to these words: BE STRONG.
Because sometimes that’s the only thing that can save you.



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Hi guys. i’m 19 and diagnosed with Medulloblastoma. I’m in a beauty college and it’s a relatively small class. i made an announcement on tuesday, i just wanted everyone to know what was going on in case i wasn’t at school. it was easier than telling people one on one. but now i’m reaaaally starting to regret it…everyone is asking so many questions and i know they’re concerned but i really just do not want to talk about my surgery date or chemo.. how would you tell people to bug off? lol i’m also pretty quiet and i’m nice so i don’t want to just tell people ” hey i really don’t feel like talking right now.” help? (stay strong everyone!)

Just diagnosed.

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My name is Mitch I was just diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma at the beginning of this month. Treatment is 9-10 months which really isn’t that long of a time but I am still nervous even though I have overwhelming support. Any tips to keep a strong mind during this time? i am a 20 year old male from Long Island New York and this website has proven very fruitful for me. Thank you all so much

Back in treatment, back in the community

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Hey everyone,

I’m really glad that this site is still here and that people are benefitting from it. I was first diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma at age 15 in 2002. Chemo, major surgery, radiation… we all know the drill, I’m sure.

Remission follows, thankfully. Lots of physical therapy. Then I graduate high school, move away for college, pursue a career in music, and then move home for a bit this summer after 6 years away. BAM! 8 years cancer free, and a tumor grows on my right knee 2 months ago and I find myself right back where I was. I could yap about that for hours, but I’m so goddamn tired to talking about it with my friends and family. I showed up on here again to see how this community was doing.

Like I said, I’m glad this site is as active as it is. BUT….. we can do better, people. And since this place is founded on donations and limited time/resources, we should try to be active in playing a role in that. I’m talking almost-exclusively about Facebook. Yes, I’m aware of the Facebook Group that we have. For those who aren’t, go here:

Still, I recall many of the lost times I went through during my first battle, and it these days it just feels so senseless when we have the means of communicating with people who really understand. And that’s why we’re all here, isn’t it? We can talk to our friends and family, and they will listen to us until their ears bleed. But we’ve all had that feeling; as if we’re talking to a wall or speaking a different language. The feeling that someone is nodding their head without truly understanding. So we come here to find that understanding, learn about the problems we’re having, and help others cope with theirs.

Not everyone is desperate for someone to talk to all the time — I understand that. But I get the feeling (based on my own experience) that most of us simply aren’t connected enough. If you feel like you want to, then you should do it. Be it through private conversations, email, chat, or anything else.

My name is Evan Ruscher. I am 24 years old. This is my Facebook page: I’m unemployed and beginning cancer treatments for the second time, so trust me, I’m on there a lot. Friend me! Don’t be shy! I live about 20 miles west of Rochester, NY. If you EVER want to talk about anything, please contact me… on here, on Facebook, or on the TLWC group page. If you want to go out for dinner, coffee, or a drink (okay, this site is for teens, but I know I’m not the only one over 21) in the area… let’s do it (barring our respective health, of course). Hell, we can talk about everything BUT cancer, if that’s what’s best!

I can’t stress this enough: you should not feel alone. We’re the 21st century digital kids — there’s no excuse not to join together in a community, unless of course you don’t want to. We came to this site because we know that feeling of isolation, and that lack of understanding that we deal with so often. So…. we have the methods these days…. why not go around all that mess and become a stronger group?


Best Wishes,





My Journey

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Hey guys,  I have recently been dignosed on the 30th April with (ALL) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, I am hoping all goes well I’m only 13 and have had bad experinces in my life with cancer, I have had many family members lifes taken by cancer, I’m finding it a very challenging and difficult journey so far I know its going to get harder but i will stay positive and fight for my life.

Help ppl think ima dude

I was diagnosed with AML back in december 11 2010. And i have lost all my hair(which is my pride) i was very strong bout it but now im startin to wear down because ppl are confusing me for a guy and im really upset bout it. my friends dont get it and idk what to do. someone please contact me. btw im 17

Secondary leukemia

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Hi! My name is Farah and I got diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma last January when I was 12 (turning 13). I finished treatment by August of 2010 and I was back in school by October. I’m in 8th grade now and there is a month of school left. I went to CHOP (Childrens’ Hospital of Philadelphia) for my monthly check-up. I  honestly thought I was doing very good, but I had my blood counts checked and my platelets were only 44 (they’re supposed to be around 150-200). My doctor thought it was just clumping in the tube so he went to look at it underneathe a microscope. Turns out that a quarter of my blood was filled with these weird immature cells. The next day (which was yesterday) I got a bone marrow aspiration done. The results were bad. I have a leukemia called AML, which was caused by my chemotherapy from my previous treatments. I didn’t think that I was at risk for anything but a relapse. My doctor told me that Secondary Leukemias are pretty rare, but they can treat it. I don’t feel like going through chemo and a bone marrow transplant, but I have to. I just want some advice from people who have had relapses or even secondary leukemia <3


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My name is Katlynn and I am 19 and a few weeks ago I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, after that i was in the hospital for a week they told me I am going to lose my hair and I am ready to embrace that when it actually comes, they started chemo and so I have heard a lot of stuff that could happen or is going to happen but I don’t know if what I am going through is normal, People were asking my parents if the cancer I have is contagous and how exactly I got it, people with out cancer don’t get it, they dont seem to understand that I am sick and I cannot go to public places because of germs and its kind of irritating… I guess what I need is someone thats going through the same thing to compare notes to make sure I am not the only teenager this is happening to. Thanks for listening :)

Need support

Hi. My,name is Lahani. I’m 17 yeats old. I was diagnlsed with AML leukemia and its been nothing but a struggle. Emotionally, physcpically, mentally… I have sought support. Been turned away for being a teen, even had people become angry with me for inboxing their facebooks. I am running out of strength. I need support from other cancer victims. Most of all I need friends and someone to talk to, not just when i’m happy but also when I feel discouraged, frightened, sad or angry about my illness. I need people who understand i’m not just feeling sorry for myself. I’vw been emotionally battered in my search. If anyone at all could be a support to me please reply. Please contact me. Thank you.

First Round of Chemo tomorrow

I am no longer technically a teen… I just turned 20 in January.. but who’s counting really

I was diagnosed with a rare form of the Ewing’s Sarcoma family of tumors called PNET in February of this year.

I start my first round of an intense chemo cycle tomorrow.

Through out this whole thing I haven’t been scared of cancer, or death.. just the side effects and the things that I can’t predict.

I will loose my hair, probably blow up like a water balloon.. and apparently my nausea meds will make me super hungry so I could gain wait. I have never been one too worried about what people think of me and how I look. But now that my appearance is out of my control and I will have cancer patient written all over me.. I am so devastated.

How do you all handle the appearance changes?

xo K

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