I don’t even know where to begin… This is the first site I have found that I feel like I fit in.. I am 19 and was recently diagnosed with cancer. And so far the whole experience has been an up and down situation everyday.
I have not had to have an chemo yet, but have had three surgeries since the beginning of October. I have a brain tumor. It is a condrosarcoma so they think it grew up from my spine into my brain, and they say the size that it is and how slowly it is growing they think it has been there all my life but just was never noticed until recently. And the type of cancer it is they say I could have more other places, so I have to go down next week to have a full body bone scan.
I have never been one to be nervous or get freaked out… But I am kinda nervous that they are going to find more tumors.. And then i don’t know what is going to happen…
And I have already had to put off school and other stuff cause of this.. And one of the  hardest things is all my family and friends try and be supportive but they have know idea what it is like..
Thanks for listening!

hi my name is jeremiah i am starting a chat line for any one on here it will be a chat line number it is not only for people that went throo cancer but it is for adalts to email if interested in being apart @ jeremiahg20@gmail hope too here from you soon

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

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On December 22, 2010, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I’m 14 years old and I’m in 8th grade. I started my first chemo treatment on December 29, 2010. I didn’t think it was so bad, I just had to pee a lot so my bladder didn’t get eaten by Acid! The following week, I received a second treatment of a few other drugs, which made me throw up, but only once. I start my secondt next Wednesday, and I’m kinda worried it won’t be so nice to me… I think I’m starting to lose my hair, but I’m getting a wig to wear. Truth be told, I’m not too concerned about it. When my hair comes out, it comes out. Its not your hair that makes you who you are, its your persTnality! T

New to the cancer word

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Hi there my names Destiny, I just got diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma located on the right side of my face. I can’t take pills so all my meds are in liquid form. I’m 14 years old, I live with my parents and four annoying siblings.  I started my chemo treatment on December 23 I don’t remember Christmas eve and Christmas day because I was so sick. I start radiation in mid January, I;m wondering how bad I might feel after the radiation? My family has been there for me, and some of my family members have gone bold for me. My dad let me shave his head it was so fun and a little scary.


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My 16 year old daughter has been newly diagnosed with AML and will need to have a bone marrow transplant. I would love to hear from anyone who has or is going through the same thing



Everything changes during a moment

Someone’s life begins while another ends

A smile turns into a frown

A room full of people turns into nothing

Everything you ever wanted to do,


Nothing else matters

Nothing else is important

You no longer belong to yourself

Everything you use to love,

no longer holds interest for you

Peace is no longer found in faces or places

War is lurking around th corner

The only thing that matters

The only thing that is important


Feeling Lucky

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It’s been a weird road so far, but listening to everyone else, I feel insanely lucky.

In May 2010 I noticed a bruise on my arm – like a black and blue mark, but with red dots on it. Overtime the dots and general color have faded – it looks kind of grayed-out and a little flaky like dead skin. A piece was biopsied in late August, and in mid-September the results came back as “not good”. Within 24-hours I had gotten bloodwork done, gone over a full medical history with my new pediatric oncologist, and met with the plastic surgeon who’ll take out the whole lump for more testing.

Now, about three weeks later, I’ve had a CAT-scan, PET-scan, and bone marrow biospy (on both sides. ow. and a sleepover just as the pain’s going away? bad idea.) and the surgury’s coming up in 5 days. The words “Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma” have been thrown around, but nothing else specific.

I don’t have any symptoms other than the lump (well, anything noticable. what teen isn’t tired after a sleepover and then a week of early wake-ups for school?), there isn’t anything anywhere else in my body, not even my marrow. The spot itself isn’t even that bright on the scans – which my doc says means it’s not very aggressive.

Hopefully, it’ll have clean lines in sugery – which means that they got all of it. If that’s not the case – or they decide to just go ahead and do more treatment – I don’t know what I’ll do.

Right now it’s all very surreal. I avoid the words “cancer” and “tumor”. Mostly, I go to school, my dance classes, and my youth group events. I haven’t memorized the hospital yet, and only my close friends know.

I’m trying to figure out how to deal. Right now I’m just going on with my normal life, waiting for all of this to catch up with me.


hi, my name is Chantel. im 16 . i found out i was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in the month of July 2010. i was pretty shocked that i got cancer because i thought it came mostly from family genes, but neither my mom or dads side has cancer of any sort, so i learned something new. I was really scared hearing all the stuff i had to go through and not being able to have a good summer. i thought my friends would visit me when i was out of the hospital, but i haven’t seen them in a month and a half and really miss school already. i guess i just feel isolated from everything since i cant be active like i use too.

i took a class at the hospital called: cancer is your friend

so yeah i took a class at the hospital called cancer is your friend.. and i didnt understand it at first but after a couple of classes i realized that you shouldnt hate cancer all the time for what its doing to you you should be happy that its made you such a wonderful person. i am now very stronge and confident and i help people and alot more now i mean you dont need cancer to learn that but there are some good things that come from this disease

Osteosarcoma.. love the fighters,survivors and the taken

well ive been in the hospital know for about a month:( ive switched to a new one:) and im doing radiaion and chemo so hopefully ill achieve remisson and wont relapse again. relapsing is hard espically 3 times and when u go into cardiac arrest and when the doc tells u ur gonna die. but so far ive proved all of them wrong and ima keep doing that:) ive had to deal with so much and ive had so many friend with cancer that i practically know everything about every form lol just kiding:) if anyone ever needs to talk you can email me @ spidygoalie@yahoo.com im a good listener and talker:) <3 (think about the fighters survivors and the taken)

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