hi my name is jeremiah i am starting a chat line for any one on here it will be a chat line number it is not only for people that went throo cancer but it is for adalts to email if interested in being apart @ jeremiahg20@gmail hope too here from you soon

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Hey Guys! I’m new to this site so I thought I’d introduce myself.

My name is Rachel, and at 14 years old I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Since then, I’ve gone into remission and then relapsed, so I had to have a stem cell transplant. I’m now 18 and in remission as far as I know, but I just had a CT scan and I’m really nervous about the results. I have this horrible feeling that my cancer’s come back again. I’m trying to be positive but I don’t think I can go through this for a third time.

I just wish I could feel like a normal kid again.

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well yesterday did a blood transfustion and it took all day the nurstrys on the iv and then fanilly got it well  we are about to have to start talking to the transplant doc . its so hard on me because of school an this .but im so glad it happen to me and not someone else .i hope this blood well start help because im so sleeply and every things hurt….i hope my dad well go with the transplant because he doesnt want to do it and my mom just started saying that she would!!


hey everyone. im new to this site. so i dont really know how it works. im 20 yrs old && i was diagnosed with a rare cervical cancer at 17 yrs old. i had to have a histerectomy && no longer have the abililty to bear children. i have had 3 re-occurences since then. im going through thte 3rd now. ive never been able to talk about how i feel with family or friends because they dont feel the same pain && hurt as i do. i was just wondering if there was anyone else on here who may have a cervical cancer or one similiar to mine. although being 20 yrs old im suppost to be strong && not worry but that really isnt true i just found out recently that im going to loose my hair && even though my wig is beautiful im still really upset about it. i know people have it much worse than me && i shouldnt be upset but ive never felt so alone && so unlike me in my whole life even when i had like 2 friends in school. i appreciate you reading what i have to say & & i really hope i can find someone or someones to talk to maybe my life wont feel so alone or worthless..thank you

cassi perrin

20 yrs old


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by Destiney Limon on Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 10:14pm

Features / Top Stories

A ray of sunshine: Program creates good times for teenage cancer patients

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 | Special to the Log


twelve year old Destiney Limon is just like any other pre-teen girl in America. She loves pop-sensation Justin Bieber and her favorite TV show is iCarly. But unlike most pre-teens, she has cancer.

“I didn’t know what cancer meant, and I didn’t react like I was supposed to,” Destiney said. “I shouldn’t have been able to walk or talk, but they called me a miracle child.”

A freezing chill running through her body and a horrible headache were the first signs of a battle Destiney began to fight several years ago. After her first diagnosis—doctors originally said she had one year to live—Destiney’s mother decided to move her to M.D. Anderson where she found out about Sunshine Kids.

According to the organization’s website, Sunshine Kids was founded in 1982 by volunteer Rhoda Tomasco, who worked in the pediatric cancer unit at M.D. Anderson in Houston. Inspired by her mother who died of breast cancer, Sunny Ernst began bringing children battling cancer into her lake house home on Lake Travis for a weekend of fun and relaxation.

“This weekend is about teenagers having fun, and these kids realizing that people who don’t even know them care about them and are there for them,” she said.

Ernst partnered with Sunshine Kids to realize that vision, and since then the program has sent children on the annual “Teen Lake Escape” that started with 15 children at Ernst’s lake house to some 400 kids who have visited Lake Travis.

“It gets big and better ever year, with more and more people willing to help out,” Ernst said. “It is really awesome because now we have second and third-year generation people who come back as volunteers, coming in and helping out with the kids and giving back.”

This escape was held at Jim and Linda McIngvale’s house, the owner of Gallery Furniture in Houston, for the second year. From tennis to bowling to boating, visitors could choose from a variety of activities. Out on the lake, they could catch a yacht ride on the MY Legacy, compliments of Lakeway Marina and Capt. Chris James, and parasailing compliments of Richard and Anita Welch of Airscape Parasailing.

“These kids are given the opportunity to have fun and learn how to do new things, like how to parasail; they realize they can do things other teenagers can do,” Ernst said.

Victoria Villanueva, 13, is one of Destiney’s best friends, and although they live an hour apart, they were able to meet through Sunshine Kids. Victoria is in remission: her cancer is mostly gone, but she is monitored regularly to detect any signs of a relapse.

“My favorite thing about Sunshine Kids is hanging out with the kids who still have cancer because I can help give them hope, and give back to those who gave hope to me,” Victoria said.

Destiney typically doesn’t tell other kids that she has cancer.

“I had a friend I told who went and spread rumors about me at school, and kids begin to make fun of me because of it,” she said.

At Sunshine Kids, Destiney doesn’t have to worry about being made fun of and has friends who can relate to her affliction.

“They get to talk to other kids who are going through the same things,” Ernst said. “They feed off each other, learn from each other. And we have kids come back and do it again, and share with new ones.”

Marian Taylor, a foundation nurse from Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, has traveled with Sunshine Kids to Hawaii and other trips. She said she has witnessed the impact of the non-profit organization.

“Sunshine Kids gives kids the chance to meet other kids in similar situations, and this is especially important with other teenagers,” she said. “When you are a teenager, there is so much emphasis on body image and appearance and all the changes your body is going through, and it is difficult to withstand the judgment.”

Taylor believes what makes the organization so unique is the strong support it receives from the community. From worldwide Whole Foods to local Lago Vista and Austin businesses like Dee Dee’s Tacos & More, Bert’s BBQ, Lake Travis Powerboat Association, Austin Screen Printing and Lakeway Marina, the Teen Lake Escape is funded and supported by the community.

“The best thing about Sunshine Kids is their charity and how they can just give so freely,” said 15-year-old Elizabeth Chapdelaine from Houston. “You can tell everyone here has a lot of heart.”

Sunshine Kids focuses solely on children with cancer. All expenses are paid for, and there is a clubhouse in Houston for children of all ages. The organization also visits those battling cancer in the hospital. Four children from the Dell Children’s Hospital were chosen to be a part of the escape and the other 18 were chosen from the Houston area based on how each child would benefit emotionally and socially from the trip, Taylor said.

A vital part of Sunshine Kids, according to participants and volunteers, is the children themselves, from the hope and joy they bring to the smiles and encouragement for others going through similar situations.

“I encourage other kids who go through what I went through to always have faith and never say never,” Victoria said.

Destiney is also in remission, and although her cancer isn’t curable, she says it’s a miracle that she is still alive, having survived the original date doctors had given her.

“There is a reason God gave me this cancer, and I will find out that reason one day,” she said.

For now, Destiney is focused on attending more Sunshine Kids trips and hopes to one day become a doctor.

“Any time any child is facing such challenges, being around them you learn more than you could ever teach them,” Marian said. “These kinds of organizations are worth investing in, because kids really benefit from them.”

Victoria and Destiney laugh and talk as they splash in the pool next to Lake Travis and share stories and experiences that have impacted them.

“I tell other kids who have cancer to never give up or lose hope,” Destiney said. “Sunshine Kids really represents helping making kids dreams come true.”


—Kelsey Wesolick, Staff Intern

how can i handle a death?

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one of my best friends died march 16 of last year and we are coming up on his 1 year his name was brian but two weeks before that my friend iryri died cause the chemo didnt work and the luekemia took over. In 2006 on febuary 13 my grandma died from cancer and now its happening it two more friends are going to leave me im still not over brian and iryri i have broken down in school and my emotions are taking over me i dont know how to handle it again i know people on here have been where ive been

bad new today

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today i found out that i was going to need a bonemarrow transplant soon .im so glad it happen to me then any other person . mom taking it hard .im only 13 . i just want some who knows what im going through. well now u meet me! its nice to talk to people how know what im going trough . i have this blood disorder for about 9 years now. we found out i had it when i was 4!!

Helping Teens Stay Teens Through Cancer

Hey guys,
My name is Karmen and I am a five year cancer surivior (PTLD). I am pleased to say I have had no relapses and I am doing quite well! I am currently in my third year of doing a BSc in Nursing and am working on my Advanced Major! Cancer has impacted my life in more ways than one and so I have decided to do my Major in Pediatric Oncology. Considering I was a teen myself going through cancer, chemo, etc., I thought it was fit! My topic is helping teens stay teens throughout their hospital/cancer experience and the nurses role, and was hoping you guys could give me some ideas of what’s important to include. How did you guys feel when newly diagnosed? How did you feel if friends visited and told you stories of what was going on back at school, how did you feel missing school, what were some characteristics of your favorite nurse (likes/dislikes), how did you feel towards your parents/siblings/friends? How did you cope through your experience, what made you strong/fight? How did your life change? How do you live your life now (dwell in your old life?) Some questions as examples!
Anything will help! I really want to write a great paper that will help other teens transition through this time. Thanks guys :)

tired of cancer

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i have been in remission for a while now but im so scared that it will come back i was told that after ur done with treatment life is good u dont worry about it anymore THEY LIED! every little bruise or weakness makes me think its back im so worried all the time my mom told me this happens this worried feeling i have all the time it makes me sad and im a happy person! i know im not the only one who feels like this but who eles does?

My Life

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You know what sucks the most about having cancer? its when u finally become cancer free and now you worry about every little ache and pain u have thinking “is this pain mean the cancer is back?” or when u have a test and u have to wait for the results u think “what if the results aren’t good? what if they show the cancer is back?”

My name is Kirsten and i am a 15 month survivor or Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. im 16 yrs old and i am a junior in High school. when i became sick with cancer i had just entered high school and only been in class for 3 days. i became sick and missed a lot of days of school.  i was diagnosed with Ana-plastic Large Cell Lymphoma which is a non hodgkins lymphoma on 8-26-08 and was diagnosed cancer free 8-26-09 and then 1 yr cancer free on 8-23-10 i go for follow-up appoint ments every 3 months and i am doing better everyday.  but it sucks because i cant live my normal life. i got to doctor after doctor and get test after test done everytime i got to the hospital for a check up and what is worse is that no one at my school can relate to me i am the only teenager at my school that battled cancer and its not fair. not saying i wish everyone got cancer because i dont want that im just saying i wish i could meet more people that live around me that are my age that have when through what i have. im in band which i love very much but i cant some of the fun things. i got to a Website called StarBright World A social network or community for sick teens and their teen siblings the site is www.starbrightworld.org i truely love the friends i made there and everyone knows what everyone is going through. its truely an amazing place to be . if u are between the ages 13-20 u can join the site its a safe site with adults monitoring the chat room 24/7 and everything is nice and protected for ur safty

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