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My heart goes out to any teen living with cancer. I am the mother of a teen who had cancer. I want you all to stay encourage  and enjoy your life, take one day at a time and remember God.  I believe that teens who have cancer are special vessels and this is just what you have to go through and you can do it couragously. I watch my child go through her illness as a champion, I dont know if I could  handle  that the way she did, she was such a blessing and so is every teen who has cancer.  Look for cures, there are some out there!  Be bless!!


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Sometimes I feel guilty because when I’m at the hospital for a month or more my sisters at home fight, a lot and I know a lot of it is because my mother isn’t there to help them with the tough stuff, and stress, I know it isn’t my fault but I stil think if I hadn’t got cancer, none of this would be happening.

Comfortable, easy access clothing.

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What did you prefer to wear in the hospital? I wanted to wear clothes, but got sick of pulling the sleeve up for blood work or the front down to access ports/tubes/wires. Anyone else feel the same way?

I was thinking of making a couple clothes with buttons/velcro in certain areas to make access easier for nurses/doctors and maybe make things a little more comfortable for children.

Suggestions, stories, opinions? Let me know what you think!


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Hi, my name is Erin(:

I am currently 14 and a Freshmen in high school.

I was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma when I was 10 or 11, in 4th grade.

So 2005.

It’s very unusual for someone of my age to find it so late, or to even have it.

I was hoping to find someone else maybe who has it, has been a long-term survivor or maybe someone similar to my case..

I really want to know more about it, but there’s not much for me to find because of the rarity of finding at such a late age.

Thanks, God bless you all.


you know your a teen with cancer when….

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lol you must read this! its hilarious! it talks about teen with cancer with true and hilarious things that never seemed funnny until u released it
you know your a teen with cancer when you don’t know your way around school, but you know the hospital back to front
you know your a teen with cancer when after discharge, you get up in the middle of the night at home and try to find your drip pole and unplug it so you can go to the bathroom (i cant even tell you how many times ive done this lol)

ok well here is the site


who knows what im going through

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ok well im new to this site man do i wish i hadd known about this site earlier ok i had aul luekemia not to long ago and if u dont know what aul is its i had all and aml plus i had bmt ok well now im good and starting to get back to normal well now none of my friends talk to me they talked to me barely during treatment but now none at all. and if by chance they see my they either dont know what to say or all they want to talk about is cancer im so tired of this what do i do?

I have colon cancer.

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wow. feels alot better to just get it out there.

my dad passed away of it when i was 3 1/2 years old.. passed it on to my brother and me. Ever since i was about 10 years old, i’ve had to go in for yearly colonoscopies. i think the worst part about it all is dealing with the embarassment. nobody wants to say “i have colon cancer”. i spent years wishing it was something less gross, like liver cancer, or leukemia.. now i’m 18, and i’ve learned to accept it, and that if someone is weirded out by it, then theyre nobody to keep around..

two years ago they did the usual colonoscopy and found that the benign polyps had grown into cancerous ones. they pulled them out for testing, and the next year they found no new growths.. going in for my next scope in a month and a half.. i’m scared to death.

i don’t want to go through chemo. spend months, maybe years, bed ridden, having my whole colon removed, being dependant on everyone else for everything, not being able to work, or go to school. going through multiple surgeries, all for what? i know that its gonna be tough and i should just do it, cuz its my life we’re talking about.. but at the same time i dont wanna go through all that pain..

im not even sure why i’m writing this here, i guess i’m hoping someone or someones can relate.. even a little bit.. i hate feeling alone like this. like i only have myself to talk to about it..

To All Cancer heros

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Hi, my name is Sara Batt. I had first gotten cancer when I was 4 and my cancer hadn’t been diagnosed till I was nine. I am 16 now, with 7 years of recovery. If anyone would like to talk, I am all open for any questions.

looking for teens in my area with or recovering from cancer to connect with

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I live in northern california and I had cancer when I was 14. It’s now been 3 years in remission for me, but I’ve never gotten to talk to anyone my age who was sick. if anyone is living in norcal, central valley specifically that is or was sick and would like to talk, please email me ! I’d love to talk. my email is xazwethinkweizx1@aol.com

Ice caps???

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Has anyone tried ice caps during treatment to prevenmt hairloss to a level? I’m probably more interested than I should be, but just wanted to see what people had found :) cheers m’dears. xxx

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