Stay strong and fight on!

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This post send by Johnathon Yeager

Hello everyone!
My name is Johnathon, and I was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer on 07/07/07 at the age of 14. Since then I have done almost every treatment out there, and at the age of 20 im still fighting, having relasped 3 times. It certainly has been a rough journey, one that has defined my life and altered the person i am today. I am grateful to be alive each day, as I thank God and the ones around me with all there help. Cancer sucks, and i wish i did not have it, but everyone has there own struggles and there own way to persevere. This website is a great way to connect with other individuals and Im glad there are others out there who can understand how hard this journey can be. If anyone out there needs help, advice, or just wants a friend to talk to, maybe share some battle stories and count how many surgery scars we have then please message me! My email is Also anyone in the upper midwest specifically north dakota or minnesota, it would be great to fight together! Cancer sucks and i wish it upon no one. just stay strong and fight on! Positivity is key to beating cancer and becoming a survivor. Past survivors are truely an inspiration to me and i hope i can inspire others to stay happy. facebook me as well! Johnathon Yeager be my name! See yall later and keep kicking butt!

Stay strong! Always think positive!

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This post send by Johnathon Yeager

Hi everyone!

I was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer at the age of 14. No one deserves to go through such horrible things, but it happens. I have done every possible treatment it can think of: chemo, radiation, experimental, MIBG therapy, bone marrow transplant, immunotherapy.. Whatever! I relapsed 3 times am still continuing to fight it at the age of 20! For those of you put there in the same boat, just stay strong and continue to fight with your head held high. It may sound easier said than done, but it\’s the only way to kick cancer\’s A**! Positivity is key. If anyone wants a friend to talk to or have any question my email is johnyeagb15@hotmail.cpm! Especially for those of you in the upper Midwest! North Dakota and Minnesota! Stay strong and always try to smile :-) keep fighting.

A Friend.

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This post send by Kimmy

Hi Everyone.

I am a first year Radiation Therapy student in university this year. I am from South Africa.

I have had a lot of experience with cancer patients in my life, with family and friends, this is what has driven me to entire the field.

I\\\’ve had experience with skin cancer patients, leukemia, breast cancer, cervical cancers.. and I have formed bonds with my patients and been a friend.
I was born to help. Let me know how I can.

I can\\\’t present you with any answers or solutions.
But I can be a friend. You won\\\’t judge you..I will listen to you..and be there for you the best I can.
this is my email. Feel free to contact me.

Help Me Make a Statement

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This post send by Kim

Hey y\’all. My name is Kim and I am 17 and live in Southern California. I am an AP Theatre student who is writing and directing a one act play this year at my high school. I have a friend who just became a cancer survivor and have many family members who have had cancer as well. I want people, especially high school students, to be aware of cancer and what it really means in the life of a teenager. I am writing my one act play about a fictional teen girl who is writing a blog from her hospital bed about her experience and the memories will come to life infront of her in the hospital room, slowly telling her whole story of the journey. I want it to be very true to life, so that is where you come in. If you would like to share some specific stories or memories of times when your friends didn\\\’t know how to act, or your family had hard times because of it, or what it was like to lose your hair, I will use them to inspire the story of my leading lady. (guys, feel free to chime in too! your stories are just as valuable!) I also need to know what it is like going through chemo and radiation and any other treatments so that I can make all of my depiction as accurate as possible. I want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. Any of you who have had significant others during this, I need to hear all about that too as the character will have a boyfriend. I want to help educate people on teen cancer, and I hope you will join me in making this statement. If you would like to send me stories or info email me at I am also here at this email if you just want prayer, someone to vent to, or a friend. Thank y\\\’all in advance for your help in the education of people everywhere! Love and prayers to you all, Kim.

Talking to Cancer Patients/survivors

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This post send by Hannah Cudby

Hi, I am doing a project on how teenagers deal and cope with cancer, I was wondering if there is any way for me to contact people like this or not? I would really like to talk to cancer patients to get a insight of what happens and how they deal with it.
Thank you
Hannah Cudby

Living with cancer.

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This post send by Kendra

Hey my name is kendra and I\\\’m 15 years old I was diagnosed 2 years ago with ALL. When I got diagnosed I was at the end of 7th grade and at a small school with only 10 kids in my class. But not I am a freshman almost sophomore in high schools s I moved to a pubic school where there is more people. Only a few people know what is going on in my life. Lately I\\\’ve been missing a lot of school and when I come back to school after be gone for a while I get all kinds of question like where have you been? Skipping school? Or why do you miss so much school? I also get the question dont you get in trouble for missing school and all I answer is I have a doctor excuse. I am ready to be done with treatment and get back to life like a normal kid. I know I will get through this and one day my story will help someone else. If that person is you and you have question email me I would love to make new friends. ☺ stay strong everyone!


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This post send by Savannah

Hey guys it\\\’s Savannah again, just thought I would give all of you the new news. I had scans done last week to check to the chemo and what not. My small tumors that are all over my liver are smaller and the large tumor is showing signs of dying off, also I had a lymph node that was full of cancer and it is now clear. I am at the stage now where I can have a transpant if needed, but my doctor would like to try to salvage my own liver so they are going to do a couple more blocks of chemo and try to get rid of the small tumors. I am super happy about the scan results and hoping for more good news after the next couple of blocks.

Thanks for listening and God Bless ☺

Same old view

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I had the choice to choose treatment or to let the cancer run it’s course, I chose life. Now I feel like I am wasting my life in a hospital because I chose treatment. I have missed so many things because of the cancer and I feel like I am going to miss a lot more. Has anyone else ever felt this way? What am I suppose to do?


I Don’t Get It

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I was diagnosed with ALL, a type of Leukemia, nearly 2.5 years ago on June 22, 2010 when I was 18 and a new High School Graduate. I was told it was going to be a three year treatment and I thought I could handle it. I’m 21 now and at college and I’ll be finished when I’m 22. I’m at my 8 month count down (end date is in Oct. 27, 2013) but now I’m getting more and more scared and I don’t know why. I was ok at first, even though the first few months were hell. When I got my first bone marrow biopsy, my parents were much more scared for me than I was. But now that I take daily pills and once a month treatments, it seems like this will never end. I think my support system is going downhill. My parents got divorced last year; it was coming for a while but I think the stress of my treatments helped pushed it over the edge. They both love me and support me, but it seems like the whole structure of my family is gone and that was something I was afraid of ever since I was a kid. I don’t know, I think I just have to man up and take it, but sometimes it’s hard. I know that there are people that have it much, much, worse than me; and seeing others struggles make me grateful for what I have. I think as a survivor I owe it to them to live my life to the fullest and do Gods work. But every time I see those pills in my hand before I go to sleep, it all just seems… wasted. Like I struggled all that time and I’m still not allowed to stop. I shouldn’t feel this way and it’s very frustrating. Does anyone know what to do? Or felt this way as well?

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