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Hey everyone! I am a teen who does not have cancer but is very interested in helping those who do. I am sure all of you are thinking “oh not another one of those” But seriously, I want to change the world and help people. I Love listening to people and I would love to talk to you via email if you are ever bored.
So, If you are ever online and need a friend to talk or just vent to, email me! I would love to listen and support you. Don’t wory, I wont get all mushy and stupid on you. I just want to help some cool friends in a way that I like. I love my computer so I check my email almost every day.

Anyway, thanks for listening and I would love to listen to you, my email is:


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hi, im alyssa, and im 15 years old and i have rhabdomyosarcoma and i am looking for someone to relate to. i. am. so. bored. i have seen, like every movie there ever was, and have done nearly EVERY SINGLE CRAFT at the damn hospital and my friends dont exactly have cancer and i am looking for someone to RELATE. its not like i can just look up on my fone, ‘hey maybe i should text some of my cancer buddies’ NO. when you walk down the street, you dont exactly see people, teenagers my age, walkin around and you wave to them like, ‘sup, leukemia?’ ‘yep’ AGAIN, NO. and since i’m in the middle of treatment and have my medications down pat, i’m like nyan cat. flying in the sky. singing all the time. and thats when i DONT have them drugs. so, all im asking for, is some one to talk too. hell, im so desparate that i would talk to even an online pervert if he was intresting. BUT DONT GO GETTIN IDEAS. and i dont want a sympathetic adult or a helpful friend. AW HELL NAW did you just hear me? RELATE PEOPLE. anyways, this iis too fucking long. oh yeah and those who are not so bright in the head, i guess this is a “PG” message. yes. i went there. anyway, goodbye


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hi, im teya geer and im 15 i was diagnosed with cancer at 2 years old, went into remisson at 5, i am scared and afraid to get cancer again, so i wanted talk to people who had some experiance to cause after all these years i feel alone and that no one understands me but all of you do and i feel better, i hope you guys stay well, and the same for myself, and sorry im new its my first time on here, its nice to really truely no that you may feel alone but theres another one out there and your not alone.merry christmas

Lil Angel-Leukemia

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hi, um i am Teya Geer, i was diagnosed with cancer when i was to, i have been in remission since i was 5, and i am terrified of getting cancer again, i feel so alone, i am really scared. i hope you guys will be okay its my first time on here so im kinda shakey i am so glad to really no im not alone. i am less scared. i hope all of our wwishes and dreams come true, early, MERRY CHRISTMAS,good luck

Life Changes

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Hi, My name is Devon. I’m 19 years old. I have Hodgkin lymphoma stage 2a. I got diagnosed in September, after I had open chest surgery to get a big portion of the tumor out. I dont know anyone my age dealing with cancer. I wish this on nobody, but I still wish I had someone to talk to that understands what I’m going through. Even though I have cancer I still think my life is amazing. I just got engaged to the love of my life Keith. I have a supportive family and friends. I also have the faith of God and knowing that he will always help me through the bad stuff that happens in life. Well, if anyone wants to talk I have a cell phone and I have a facebook. Just let me know. xoxoxoxo

Post-Radiation Sarcoma

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So I just had a recurrence after 8 years of being cancer free. I was originally diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma in 2002, and was cleared for remission in 2003. This summer I found a tumor n ear my original one (right knee) and had it biopsied, radiated, and removed. Now I’m facing 6-8 months of chemo.

The tricky situation is that the biopsy tentatively revealed that I had the same cancer as before. However, after they removed the tumor and analyzed it, they found that it was a different form of cancer known (in layman) as Post-Radiation Sarcoma. Basically, the radiation I received in 2002/03 caused a completely separate mutation and cancer to form 8 years later.

Everything in my prognosis looks good, and I suppose it doesn’t change things very much, although I may have opted for amputation if I knew the true circumstances of the tumor. Frankly, I could opt for amputation now, if I so decided.

I’m wondering if anyone else has dealt with this kind of tumor. It’s really confusing to think about…. I don’t know whether to be relieved or upset. On one hand, it’s a good thought to think that there weren’t Synovial Sarcoma cells hanging out in my leg for 8 years. On the other, I’m now afraid of what radiation therapy can do to me in the future (even though they’ve implemented new technology in that field).


Help please? :)

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Hi:), I am not a cancer patient, though a person that is really close to my heart was diagnosed and prompted me to my research for my english project on leukemia. Part of the requirement is to interview a person to add to our report. I was hoping to find somebody :) that was or is diagnosis with a type of leukemia to ask questions about the changes in their life: emotionally, physically, and how the community and friends reacted. Anybody want to be interviewed? Any sort of help would be so nice! I would sincerely appreciate anybody will to share basically their story with me:). Thanks :) . You can email me at lexaguiar@aol.com or comment on this. I have to have this out in an interview format, so the questions are the following:

1. How did you react after being first diagnosed?

2. What kind of treatment did or are or will go through?

3. How did your community react? Friends, school, work etc…

4. Did treatment affect you physically?

5. What was the hardest struggle you faced?

6. What was the biggest change, if any in your life?


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Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s seen this movie! Anybody? Leah?

It’s obviously dramatized a bit to make it into a solid dramedy, but some of the emotional points related to cancer were so spot on. There were 2 scenes that made me tense up in my seat because they literally happened to me about 4 weeks prior.

I need suport

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Hi everyone. My name is Roxy and I’m from Romania. I live in a small city and I have H. lymphoma. Sometimes I feel like strange person. I am the only one from my school that have cancer. Do not think I want others to be sick…I just need a little suport from you guys, to feel that I’m not alone. Please excuse my grammatical mistakes. Thanks

im confused

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hi, i was diagnosed with ALL (leukimia)one month and 10 days ago. i was in hospital for 3 weeks and 4 days and now im out but go back 3 days a week for treatment. its horrible. im so confused. i have no idea whats happened to me and ive been taken out of college and i cant work or go to busy places. im a 19 year old girl and the new twilight movie is out. is there anyone who is going through a similar thing who wants to talk coz i could really use a friend who knows. all my other friends are as lost as i am. xx

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