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Cancer sucks

March 28, 2013 by  
Filed under Newly Diagnosed

Hi! I’m 12 so not exactly a teen, but my doctors are 99% sure I have ALL leukemia. I really don’t want to have cancer, but I have all the symptoms, and the bone marrow biopsy showed cancer cells. I start chemo on Monday. I most likely have ALL, but they aren’t quite sure yet. Any advice?

Here We Go Again

March 8, 2013 by  
Filed under Coping with Cancer

Im 14yrs old living in California and fighting a battle with Cancer “ALL” Leukemia.I have been battling since the age of 3yrs old. I have relapsed 3 times and on my 3rd time now.The first 2 times It was discovered in my bone marrow. This time it was found in my spinal fluid”CNS”. Each treatment is 2 1/2yrs. Iam currently 1yr and 2months into this treatment and although iv had many hard times and very scary moments today Iam doing well.Iv just been told that Iam exspected to under go Radiation. it is kinda scary but I have been doing this for so long ive learnd all you can really do during scary moments like this is too be possitive and strong.If anyone can continue to help me stay possitive and strong or just show your support,it would put a smile on my face….. know im not alone,I have an army…We need a cure!!!!

Family and cancer

March 7, 2013 by  
Filed under Friends and Family

I’ve never posted on here before, but I think it is time to talk to some people who know how I feel. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma when I was 17, and now am 20, at college, cancer free, but technically in remission for 2 years now. I was the first person in my family to ever have cancer and I thought I’d be the last. My family and I have been moving on from cancer, and now we find out that my grandmother has cancer. We are so close with her, and I can’t explain how upset just the fact itself that she has cancer makes me, but what really hurts is to see my mom go through this again. I feel guilty and helpless because she has to see the two women she loves most experience cancer, and I can’t help her because I am one of them. I don’t understand how this can happen. How God would do this to our family. I hate that I hurt so many people, and just as they recover from my cancer, we have to worry about someone else’s cancer. I don’t know how to help anyone, or what to say/do. I am so confused and disappointed. I thought this was all behind us. I know that this happens to other people too, but you never think it can be you, until it is. Hopefully at least one person can relate.

My journey

March 3, 2013 by  
Filed under Coping with Cancer

Hi my name is alysha and I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 10, It was very hard I went through about 6 surgery, the cancer spread to my lung but they were able to take it out. I went through a rough 26 rounds of chemo. When I had one of my surgery I hallucinated about 2 times! It was terrible. I am currently 13 and my cancer came back in the same arm): in my left arm I have very limited movement and that is very hard for me to adjust to. Well if you have a similar story I would be very open to talk to you about it! Thanks for reading!


I Don’t Get It

February 28, 2013 by  
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I was diagnosed with ALL, a type of Leukemia, nearly 2.5 years ago on June 22, 2010 when I was 18 and a new High School Graduate. I was told it was going to be a three year treatment and I thought I could handle it. I’m 21 now and at college and I’ll be finished when I’m 22. I’m at my 8 month count down (end date is in Oct. 27, 2013) but now I’m getting more and more scared and I don’t know why. I was ok at first, even though the first few months were hell. When I got my first bone marrow biopsy, my parents were much more scared for me than I was. But now that I take daily pills and once a month treatments, it seems like this will never end. I think my support system is going downhill. My parents got divorced last year; it was coming for a while but I think the stress of my treatments helped pushed it over the edge. They both love me and support me, but it seems like the whole structure of my family is gone and that was something I was afraid of ever since I was a kid. I don’t know, I think I just have to man up and take it, but sometimes it’s hard. I know that there are people that have it much, much, worse than me; and seeing others struggles make me grateful for what I have. I think as a survivor I owe it to them to live my life to the fullest and do Gods work. But every time I see those pills in my hand before I go to sleep, it all just seems… wasted. Like I struggled all that time and I’m still not allowed to stop. I shouldn’t feel this way and it’s very frustrating. Does anyone know what to do? Or felt this way as well?

Looking for Cancer Patients to Interview!

February 7, 2013 by  
Filed under Community

Hi, my name is Cassidy. I am conducting a project my Girl Scout troop on the effects of cancer on teens. As a teen myself without cancer, I can’t imagine how it must feel to go through such a tough thing. I hope to hear from anyone. Please email me at if you’re interested or have any questions. Thank you and have a great day!

Introducing College Beyond Cancer

February 6, 2013 by  
Filed under Community

I want to introduce College Beyond Cancer as a financial resource for educational expenses for college and graduate student cancer survivors. It is a specialized online fundraising site that can be checked out at Hopeful it is helpful!


January 27, 2013 by  
Filed under Survivor Stories

My name is Katie. I was 2 years old when I was diagnosed so I guess this doesn’t really fit in with the whole “teen” thing.. but I’m a teen now, so I decided to put in my two cents. I don’t really remember a lot about having cancer, I mean, I was 2. Do you remember things when YOU were two? I remember bits and pieces, as would anyone. I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia in January 2000, 13 years ago. I was in remission when I was 5. I’ve been cancer free for about 10 years now. My mom told me that I was on the verge on dying.. I was supposed to die the night that my pastor at the time came and he prayed for me and I don’t know what your view of religion is, but I believe that there is power in prayers because the next day, the doctor said that there was a chance of me living now and from then on, I kept getting better.. Now I am healthy and I hope to work with cancer children when I’m older. Every July there is a Relay for Life cancer walk in my town, I have gone every year since I was about 4 maybe. All I have to say for those of you fighting: Hope for tomorrow. Pray whenever you can. Love always. and Kick cancer’s ass. <3 I love you all. STAY STRONG

Lil Ducky’s Journey- Long Road

January 17, 2013 by  
Filed under Friends and Family

Okay, this title sounds weird, but out of respect for my friend, I changed her name, just in case.

It was back in November when I found out my best friend (aka, Lil Ducky)has leukemia. Its been a tough road already. I thought this would bring us friends together as a united front, but its only tearing us apart. There is more aspects here that are going to be difficult than I thought. We’re all there for her though when it counts, and thats all that matters.

I’m so thankful I have been able to visit her, and sometimes we can get so caught up in what we’re doing, it’s like nothing is wrong. But of course, everything is. My lil duck has the misfortune of suffering generally all the RARE side effects of AML leukemia. She never stops telling me how shes going to kick it’s butt though, and can’t wait for summer.

Since we have found out, we have started a committee for fundraising and it’s amazing how the community has come together for this beautiful family. I thank God we live in Canada, were we do not have priate health care, but I’m sure with the help from these amazing people, we would find a way anyway.

Anyway, I’ll probably be posting more, and if anyone ever wants to talk about ANYTHING, say so in the comments, and I’ll tell you my email or we can connect somehow. :)


My Dad

January 15, 2013 by  
Filed under Coping with Cancer

My dad says he has sacrificed more than I have in the last four years that I disrupted. I find that hard to believe. He says its my fault we moved out of our house and sold all we owned (which wasn’t much) and had to live in a camper for over a year. And it is my fault but he did not have to have take the red devil chemo and puke every single day, too many times a day to know. He didn’t lie on an operating table for 14.5 hours and wake up not knowing if he still had a leg. He can still run, and jump, and ride a bike, and even put his own sock on. While I can do none of those things. He has all of his lungs and can breathe easily. I am missing half of my right lung and get out of breath quickly. He didn’t have 2 different port placements and one removal, nor did he have to get stuck with needles 24/7. His body is not permanently scarred with the scars no one should have to bare. He may have been there and saw everything I went through, but what did he sacrifice. I know it hurt him but he did live everyday wondering if it was his last. Of I course I did not tell everyone this all the time, but I did wonder, I was scared that I might not see tomorrow. Anyone of us can go at anytime from this messed up world but you never think of that until you know you could be next. I am sure he thought all of these terrible things but if I was gone, he would still be here to taunt me forever of lost life. My dad is not mean but cannot understand that I was the one battling for my life. I am the one who has been poked and prodded and sliced and diced. I am left with the battle scars that someone 5 times my age should not have to endure. I was poisoned with one harsh medicine after another and grilled with radiation. I was the one that was told you have cancer 4 times. And I was the one that was given up on by my doctor. I changed in so many ways that I don’t even know. I try not complain that much, though it’s hard. Living life to the fullest is now my favorite dream. I want my dad to understand but I hope he, himself never has go down the scary road that is cancer. I have been lucky for every time I have gotten cancer, it has been destroyed. I am so lucky to have gotten in a trial at St. Jude. I am even luckier to be 4 months in remission. I am the luckiest to have gotten cancer and if I could go back, I would not change it for the world. I was not so much before but now am convinced that there has to be someone or something that gives us this luck. God or fate or whatever you prefer but there is no bad luck; it may seem that way but there is always a reason and will turn out alright in the end if you believe. And I don’t mean God or anything like that, just believe that it will get better and I know it will. I have a weird theory that you only die if you want to. I choose to live and that is what I am going to do. So now that I’ve thought about it, if my dad thinks that those material things are so important, then maybe he did sacrifice more than me. Because to me I may be covered in scars and missing several “important” body parts but I am alive, cancer free, and I have gained so many new friends and experiences that there is nothing for me complain about. I wish my dad could see this and understand and see it the way I do now. Thanks for letting me get this out, I hope it helps some else who’s down in the dumps about whatever is bugging them. Dominique

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