Friends with cancer

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Hi everyone.  My name is Megan Hesse and I am 17.  I was diagnosed with ALL in December 09.  Because of my weak immune system I came down with phnemonia and became septic twice.  I also had possible signs of GVH though thats gone now and an infection in my intestines.  I had to undergo a bone marrow transplant because my doctors were sure that my leukemia was going to return.  I’m just looking to find other teens who have gone through or are going through what I have.  : )

Supporting your teen

August 18, 2009 by  
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Hi, I’m a parent of a teen that was diagnosed with ALL

4 years ago.  We will hit that magical 5 years in remission

 mark next July, 2010.  While that date is always in my

mind, there have been many stages we’ve gone through

in between — luckily no readmittance to the hospital!

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