Needing advice or info. Plz help!!!

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This post send by Savannah

Okay, so they switched my chemo to a regimen called folfox. Which is commonly used for colon cancer but in this case is being used for my liver cancer. Since I began this drug it has been soooo much worse than the other stuff I was on. I am having side effects which include the normal (fatigue, nausea, decreased appitite etc.) But now I also have new side effects which include painful tingling in my hands and feet when anything cold touches them, stinging in my throat when drinking anything cold, and more hair loss. These symptoms are normal for my chemo from what I am told. But my problem is that I am having certain side effects that my doctors are not able to explain. This includes increased urination sometimes and other times urinating without knowing it, extreme burning in my throat and chest whenever I eat anything (cold or hot) And sometimes when the burning occurs I feel as if I cant breath. Which is extremely terrifying. I would just like to know if anyone has had these symptoms on folfox or on any other chemo, and what I should do about it. Because my health is slowly getting worse when chemo is suppose to be curing my cancer. I know that chemo takes a huge toll on ur body but still… Also my doctors believe I may be contracting diabetes on this chemo, has this happened to anyone also? Any info or advice is greatly appreciated I am just starting to get scared and I am sorry to those of you who feel this is TMI but I just need to know if anyone else has experienced this. Thanks

Help Me Make a Statement

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This post send by Kim

Hey y\’all. My name is Kim and I am 17 and live in Southern California. I am an AP Theatre student who is writing and directing a one act play this year at my high school. I have a friend who just became a cancer survivor and have many family members who have had cancer as well. I want people, especially high school students, to be aware of cancer and what it really means in the life of a teenager. I am writing my one act play about a fictional teen girl who is writing a blog from her hospital bed about her experience and the memories will come to life infront of her in the hospital room, slowly telling her whole story of the journey. I want it to be very true to life, so that is where you come in. If you would like to share some specific stories or memories of times when your friends didn\\\’t know how to act, or your family had hard times because of it, or what it was like to lose your hair, I will use them to inspire the story of my leading lady. (guys, feel free to chime in too! your stories are just as valuable!) I also need to know what it is like going through chemo and radiation and any other treatments so that I can make all of my depiction as accurate as possible. I want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. Any of you who have had significant others during this, I need to hear all about that too as the character will have a boyfriend. I want to help educate people on teen cancer, and I hope you will join me in making this statement. If you would like to send me stories or info email me at I am also here at this email if you just want prayer, someone to vent to, or a friend. Thank y\\\’all in advance for your help in the education of people everywhere! Love and prayers to you all, Kim.


Everything changes during a moment

Someone’s life begins while another ends

A smile turns into a frown

A room full of people turns into nothing

Everything you ever wanted to do,


Nothing else matters

Nothing else is important

You no longer belong to yourself

Everything you use to love,

no longer holds interest for you

Peace is no longer found in faces or places

War is lurking around th corner

The only thing that matters

The only thing that is important


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