Everything changes during a moment

Someone’s life begins while another ends

A smile turns into a frown

A room full of people turns into nothing

Everything you ever wanted to do,


Nothing else matters

Nothing else is important

You no longer belong to yourself

Everything you use to love,

no longer holds interest for you

Peace is no longer found in faces or places

War is lurking around th corner

The only thing that matters

The only thing that is important


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I was diagnosed with ALL on September 29,2009.  Since then, I’ve finished my freshmen year of high school at home and finished 3 phases of chemotherapy treatment.  Now I’m in maitenance and it’s supposed to be the easiest phase, but its been pretty difficult so far.  Instead of spending 4th of July in Disneyworld like I was supposed to, I was stuck in the hospital with a fever and super low blood counts.  I’ve been off most of my chemo for about a month now because I had a rash, but my blood counts are still taking forever to improve.  It’s really frustrating because it’s preventing me from going on my vacations and going out with my friends.  It’s hard to explain this to any of my friends because they don’t truely understand.  They just keep telling me to stay strong, but in order to stay strong you had to be strong in the first place and I don’t feel very strong.  To top it all off, all of the changes that my body has been going through has made me extremely self conscious.  I didn’t lose all of my hair, but it is significantly thinner, I’ve gained about 15-20 pounds, and I have tons of stretchmarks, oh yeah and my face has become the roundest thing I’ve ever seen.  I handled everything really well for the past 10 months, but now I’m really starting to lose it. Thanks for letting me vent.

New Leukemia Patient. Struggling with Chemo.

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I am Makayla. I live in NY. I have been newly diagnosed with ALL. I have been on heavy chemo for two weeks now. Please help me with support. I have been getting lots of bloody noses and coughing up blood. Also throwing up blood. My doctor says it is just a side effect. but I dont believe her. Any adice? I am 14 BTW.

Team In Training (TNT), The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) groundbreaking charity

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Hello All, Gregg here, I am looking to raise money from the outside world to help in the fight of YOUR FIGHT.  Your the one struggling with this nasty disease, and I don’t think you should be. I think you should be free to go anywhere you want, do what you want AND EAT all that you can stuff down your throat and enjoy every bite of it. Instead of being forced to live like you currently are.  My heart goes out to you all.  You are a hero in your own right. If only more people in the world knew what you are truly battling every day. Makes me look like a peon. I’m an American Solider, I’ve gone to Iraq. But never lifted a weapon against a soul and never hope to.  But i will do what I can to fight the fight for YOUR LIFE.

May God bless you in your valient Fight.


Team In Training (TNT), The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) groundbreaking charity sports training program, has reached a remarkable milestone of raising $1 billion to support blood cancer research and patient services.

For more than 21 years, TNT has grown to become an unparalleled charity endurance training program. More than 420,000 participants, from first timers to seasoned athletes, have trained with TNT and achieved their best at marathons, half marathons, triathlons, 100-mile century bike rides and hiking adventures.

Train with the best to meet your challenge!

TNT is the world’s first, best and largest charity sports training program – and the only one to offer a full complement of exciting, sports training options.

Looking to join in the fight for those who can’t at this time do what we are trying to do.

Friends with cancer

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Hi everyone.  My name is Megan Hesse and I am 17.  I was diagnosed with ALL in December 09.  Because of my weak immune system I came down with phnemonia and became septic twice.  I also had possible signs of GVH though thats gone now and an infection in my intestines.  I had to undergo a bone marrow transplant because my doctors were sure that my leukemia was going to return.  I’m just looking to find other teens who have gone through or are going through what I have.  : )

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