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N2Generate (HCGenerate)

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5 Ways in which N2Generate is better than HCG during a steroid cycle

It is surprising how HCG, a hormone produced by women during pregnancy has crept into modern day anabolic steroid cycles for men.

What’s even more surprising is how it has managed to become almost mandatory these days.

Take a look at messaging boards where people are looked down upon if they aren’t adding HCG to the grams of AAS they are already using1.

Well, to give it fair credit, HCG does work. It helps keep your boys functional while androgens wreak havoc on your system.

It may help prevent testicular atrophy to an extent. Your balls will still shrink with HCG, only not as severe as it would without it. It can also help combat testes ache, if that’s something you normally experience with AAS.

But to say that it is the only thing that does the job is not only incorrect, it is downright irresponsible.

N2Generate, an all-natural testosterone stimulant made by Need2BuildMuscle does an equally good job at stimulating your endogenous testosterone release.

In fact, we’d say it does a better job than HCG.

If you are about to run your maiden steroid cycle and want to keep your gonads functional, then here are five reasons why N2Generate is a better choice than HCG.

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#1 – It is an oral supplement that stimulates endogenous test

The point we are trying to drive home here, is that it’s always a better bet to use an oral supplement as opposed to an exogenous injectable hormone.

Firstly, there’s pinning, which a lot of people like to avoid.

Many people pin HCG subcutaneously to avoid additional pinning spots in their muscles.

Also, like it or not, it’s an additional load on your system that you are using purely to combat some of the undesirable effects of Test.

That’s like using one drug to counter the side effects of another and then having to deal with a new set of side effects for it.

N2Generate on the other hand is easy to take, easy to dose and does nothing with your internal hormonal balance.

It just asks your gonads to keep producing testosterone even when you are constantly pinning from an exogenous source.

#2 – N2Generate does not raise your estrogen levels

One of the most underrated side effects of HCG is that it aromatizes readily, which will add to your estrogen load, especially if you are using other compounds that also aromatize.

This will cause telltale estrogen related side effects such as mood swings, itchy or sensitive nipples, and acne. The only way to combat this is to up or to adjust your AI dosage to prevent the additional aromatization.

If you aren’t too careful with the doses, you might end up with crashed estrogen levels, or even worse, with skyrocketing estrogen which can potentially cause gyno.

N2Generate on the other hand does nothing but stimulate your testosterone levels during the cycle. It does not interfere with other hormones, nor does it aromatize. This means that you don’t have to mess with your AI intake.

This also makes it a great choice if you are a natty, looking for some extra test without worrying about pinning or a hormonal imbalance.

#3 – There’s no guesswork involved in the dosage

When it comes to PCT drugs, most people have a fair idea of the dosages and schedule.

But when it comes to HCG, there’s no such clarity. Most people don’t have the faintest idea of what would be a standard dose.

Many, just run copious amounts of the compound until they begin to desensitize their leydig cells.

Why there are a lot of people who don’t know whether to run it during the cycle or during PCT or both.

N2Generate on the other hand can be run the year round. It is completely safe for use and does not affect your leydig cells or your HPTA. There’s a standard dosage which you can increase or reduce depending on how you react to it.

#4 – N2Generate contains five ingredients that are scientifically proven to increase testosterone levels

n2generate review and ingredients

We are all well aware of the amount of garbage that’s being sold out there in fancy bottles labeled as testosterone boosters.

But N2Generate tends to differ. It contains just five primary ingredients, all of which are scientifically proven to increase endogenous testosterone levels. There’s no mystery ingredient and no proprietary formula bullshit either.


Zinc is a naturally occurring mineral that should ideally be sourced from food. But given the extremely stressful lifestyles that we lead, our diets are far from ideal. So most people are deficient in Zinc, which is one of the commonest causes of low testosterone. N2Generate contains a whopping 7mg of Zinc, which is 45% of your RDA. Most athletes will double up during demanding cycles which gives you 90% of your RDA.2

Fadogia Agrestis

N2Generate contains a whopping 1000mg of Fadogia Agrestis, a Nigerian shrub that has generated a buzz in the medical community with its effectiveness in helping treat hypogonadism. This bloke will help prevent testicular atrophy and ensure that your libido stays intact even when you are using compounds that can dent your libido pretty bad, like Deca, for example.3


Helps increase serum and free testosterone levels by almost 46%. Increases your libido, strength, muscle mass and reduces fat as well. Fenugreek is effective in increasing testosterone even at surprisingly low doses such as 500mg. N2Generate on the other hand contains a whopping 1000mg.4

Stinging Nettle Extract

Helps manage normal prostate function and also helps to reduce the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. While it may not have a direct implication on your testosterone levels, you’ll thank us when you are using RAD-140 or Trenbolone, or other compounds that can potentially affect your prostate functioning.5

Tongkat Ali

Helps increase testosterone by almost 37% while reducing cortisol by 16%. That’s more muscle with a leaner midsection.6

#5 – N2Generate can be used by both men and women

Unlike HCG, N2Generate is not a steroid adjunct.

It is a herbal supplement that you can use the year round irrespective of what your goal is.

Even if you are looking to get leaner, bigger, stronger, this will get the job done without messing with your bloodwork or popping up on drug tests.

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4.5All-In-One Cycle Support
#1 Science-proven on cycle support developed by the leading cycle support provider in the industry.

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